Sponsors and Vendors
We would love to see your company as a sponsor or Vendor for 2022.
The Appalachian Trainer Face Off would love to see your company as a sponsor or Vendor for 2022!
Whether donating products or funding, we need you to continue to grow this most valuable endeavor in the equine community.
With our Series on Horse.TV paired with Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue’s tremendous social media and blog reach, the investment opportunity in this program is incredible!
Change the future of adoptable horses, reach tens to hundreds of thousands through the Heart of Phoenix audience and connect with a massive number of future clients by being an ATFO sponsor in 2022!
This event has grown to become one of the largest trainer exhibitions in the country and is judged by nationally and internationally recognized horsemen and women. Featured in Horse Illustrated Magazine multiple times, we have enjoyed over 1,000 attendees in person with many thousands tuning in online in previous events.
The horse community cares about companies that support the industry through creative partnerships while partnering with equine welfare groups.
Many of the stories of the rescued horses competing reach up to 30k people through our Instagram feed, with the 2018 winner’s story reaching millions on Youtube, and this all continues to grow month by month.
Perhaps most importantly, businesses looking to partner with us will be helping horses in need, excellent trainers, and aid us in sharing their talents nationwide, while a huge number of horses gain homes!
Support of the ATFO means showing your company supports good trainers and good horsemanship who makes lasting partnerships for horses that were previously at risk.
Email equinerescue@live.com for all sponsorship options!
Current and past sponsors are:

Buckeye Nutrition
This event will continue to grow year after year, and OFFICIAL SPONSORS make this possible. If you would like to partner with Heart of Phoenix with the Appalachian Trainer Face Off, please email us!