Heart of Phoenix Equine RESCUE Needs You as a Sustaining Donor

Heart of Phoenix Needs You as a Sustaining Donor

Through November, we will be working on increasing our monthly donor base.

Many donors are giving between $5 and $20 dollars each month, and they are collectively, positively reshaping Appalachia for equines!

With over 120 horses in rescue, we really need to ask you to make the choice to give monthly if you haven’t already made that important decision.

The number of requests to accept horses into the rescue from desperate or soon to be tragic are on the rise. I expect we will continue to see the need increase through 2021 and 2022.

We cannot say Yes without you.

By making a recurring monthly donation, you make a lasting commitment to the saving horses across Appalachia, providing them life saving care, as well as needed vet, dental and farrier care. You allow these horses to heal and receive training to go on to become someone’s beloved partner. You allow us to fund safety net programs to allow good owners to keep their horses.

By deciding to invest in the future of the horses of Appalachia as a sustaining donor, you ensure the stability and effectiveness of Heart of Phoenix and our mission.

Becoming a sustaining donor is easy! Simply visit our link here and sign up for monthly giving.


We want you to know that your gift MATTERS in whatever amount it is given, so please never doubt it. And please never assume you aren’t needed. . .when you read this, we are talking to you personally, and we are asking you to support this life saving work.

To give via Mail, write check to: Heart of PhoenixSend to PO Box 81 Shoals, WV 25562

To donate via PayPal, use the email address: equinerescue@live.com

To donate via Venmo: https://account.venmo.com/u/heartofphoenixhorses

We hope you decide you can partner today.

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