Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue is the focus of a new series on Horse.TV

We’ve been waiting to share this for months! Check out the trailer for the series from soon from Horse.TV on Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC and the Appalachian Trainer Face Off !!!!

We’ve been filming for nearly a year, and the series should be out in October. Make sure to subscribe and tune in! We are so thrilled with what we’ve seen so far, and we can’t wait for the full series debut.

We still have a lot of dates to film before this first reason wraps!

Until then, watch the trailer, tag friends who would love watching what we do day in and out and share, share, share, please!

The impact we can make with the word of our work spreading further is immeasurable, and as you all know if you follow our work, the need is tremendous, and we are ready and able to further change everything for the horses of Appalachia

Donate: www.wvhorserescue.org

Adopt: http://horseandridermatch.com

Follow our blog at: https://heartofphoenix.org

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