Sometimes we want what we want…to our detriment.

And our failure to look at things realistically gets us in trouble.

We humans have a great capacity to love. Because of this sometimes we have a tendency to add on to our collection of things to love when it really isn’t in our best interest.

We see this with children, cats, puppies and horses a lot. We have a couple of the aforementioned and we adore them. And we think we should add another.

Perhaps there is nothing wrong with that.

But perhaps though you have taken care of what you have well and lovingly, you do not have a lot of disposable income. If that is the case, and you add another life to your household what happens when minor ( or major) catastrophes strike?

What happens when your car breaks down in a big way, and your dog suddenly requires an expensive dog food to keep healthy at the same time?

The problem with owning animals ( and truthfully having babies) is that they often suddenly need more than basic maintenance. They develop gastroenteritis, they get Rotavirus requiring a 4 day hospital stay, they get picked up by a hawk and the wounds become infected, they become seniors and need much more and much higher quality/more expensive food.

You may be taking stellar care of the animals you currently have. But if you are going month to month without being able to save much for the future And prepare for the unexpected, please think long and hard before bringing another critter home.

The heart wants what it wants but the head Really should prevail.

At Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue not only do we want to save and adopt out horses but we also want to equip owners to take care of the ones they currently own better and as economically as possible. As partners of The Right Horse Initiative we believe that the horse in transition can be Just the horse that you are searching for. But we also believe in being here for our adopters and page followers with practical advice, pragmatic horse husbandry ideas and practices, and sharing our experiences so that you, the follower can learn from them. Together with the #righthorse it is our goal at Heart of Phoenix to grow a community of knowledgeable horse people and potential adopters who make Great homes for horses looking for their new address. We want to spread the word about good horse care, good equine collaboration, and the viability of a horse in transition as a terrific option for your new friend.Raven and Gala baby