Neither wind nor hail nor rain….an adoption tale


I adopted my horse from Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue back in February 2018 at 8 months old we drove a very long way in a terrible, awful  storm to Kentucky to meet him and bring him home! The application process was easy and the same day we submitted our application we were contacted by Suzanna at Heart of Phoenix, and she was wonderful! She updated us with pictures and videos and was always available and still is to ask any questions or give any advice we may seek. She still keeps in touch and has watched from afar as Lawless went from shaggy colt to stunning yearling. We have started accustoming him to a light saddle and a bit so that when he is old enough he will not panic over the equipment.  We love everything this rescue is about and the work they do not only for the horses but educating horse owners is amazing! I would adopt another horse from Heart of Phoenix at any time and would encourage anyone looking for a new horse to try and find your match through them. We love our boy Lawless(Boston) and are so thankful to Heart of Phoenix to allow us to be his forever home!”

As partners of the #RightHorse we know sharing these adoption success stories helps spread the word about the incredible partnerships that can happen with a horse in transition!  This is a spotlight story from Heart of Phoenix that features a wonderful match that we were fortunate enough to facilitate!  Visit to find your #righthorse!

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