How Adoption leads to Volunteers or Vice Versa

diane and reese

The HOP Team member with the most beautiful Horse . . .and who wanted nothing more than to be this stoic guy’s lady when she started taking lessons on him at Sunday Stables where he was fostered almost two years ago.

Her amazing husband, knowing this, did the adoption without her being aware, and he surprised her with Reese right around Christmas 2013.  and she makes Reese’s life, after rescue and adoption, the most glorious affair he could ever dream up, and we could never ask for more for him.

Diana K is the adopter of Reese, and that makes her fabulous, but beyond that. . .

Before her adoption Diana had diligently worked at all of our Sunday Stables events doing the behind the scenes work few want to do, as well as working as our resident chili maker extraordinaire.

Afterward she began assisting in various projects with HOP officer, Stephanie Davis, she makes every single thing she participates in run so much more smoothly!  
Which just goes to show you how one thing can lead to another when a rescue begins to form these partnerships that benefit adoption so well.  First Diana took lessons where HOP horses were fostered, then she began volunteering a bit here and there, then she received Reese as a Christmas present and now she is a Heart of Phoenix Officer and Volunteer Extraordinaire!
At Heart of Phoenix we are so thrilled with each and every industry partner who has joined our mission and contributed so much!  Together with the #RightHorse we are working to make horses in transition more desirable to adopt, spotlight successful adoptions to pave the way for more people to become believers in rescue horses, and create relationships with those in the equine industry so that we can All make a difference in the horse world!


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