How a Boarding Barn became an adoptable Right horse advocate center (and saves lives) – Full Circle

Heart of Phoenix is changing the views of the Industry about adoptable horses and horses in transition and in need of intervention on barn and one trainer at a time.

Stories like Vania’s prove what a difference, as Partners of the innovative, The Right Horse Initiative, organizations that seek partnership and change for horses, can be created:

“It wasn’t planned. We didn’t set out to ‘rescue’ a horse that chilly spring morning. But after seeing that poor sack of fur covered bones standing in a stall with a carpet of 2 ft tall manure and urine laced bedding, my mother in law, and I immediately hooked up our horse trailer and headed back to get him. Just 6 months previous I had seen the very same horse in a pasture, newly purchased by a young uneducated, unprepared girl who was no where near ready to own a horse. She kept him on property close to ours. On several occasions we saw him… growing more poor in condition over time. And then, boom. He was gone. Hidden. Shut in a stall all winter long with no hay, a very little cheap grain. We had no idea what inhumane condition he was actually in. It wasn’t until that spring we made a trip up to check on him. I was sickened at what I saw standing in that filthy stall.

We walked him to the trailer and he literally jumped on as if he knew his fate. He knew it couldn’t be any worse than what he had suffered the past 6 months.

Once we got home, we contacted Heart of Phoenix. Being former foster farm for this amazing rescue group, we knew that if we offered to rehab him as a foster, that Heart of Phoenix would help us. The rest is history. In the exact amount of time it took for him to become the weak shadow of a horse he was, he bloomed back into the gorgeous, happy, healthy horse he is today. If it weren’t for Heart of Phoenix, stories like this would be few and far between. Our stable, lesson program and I will always be a supporter of their efforts in horse rescue”

– Full Circle Stables of Ky, LLC

Vania’s story shows how the equine community will step in and help horses in need and work with rescues they trust, each component doing what they do best, as Heart of Phoenix could guide the rehab, cover the costs and assure a good home later, and Full Circle providing him with training and exposure to adopters once he was well. Perfect partnership!


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