A Couple of Tips

If you are building a barn or remodeling your stalls, here is a great tip.

Make the bottom board in your stalls pressure treated lumber.

This board and the top board (for the top board you can put angle iron over the edge to discourage chewing) get the most wear and tear. The bottom board gets rotted out because of all the manure and urine soaked bedding that lies against it. A pressure treated board will last MUCH longer than a regular one and cannot be chewed on because of its location

Though you will spend a bit more money doing this in the beginning, you will save money and time down the long road.

If you are putting up fencing please avoid this common mistake that new horse owners often make is when installing the farm gate.

It is much easier to install the hinges on the farm gate with both of them facing up.

gate installed properly


When a horse sticks its head or hoof through a gate and the hinges are installed both facing up, the gate will come off. Then your horse will be running in a panic with a gate attached to them.

If the hinges are installed the top one facing down and the bottom one facing up, this will NOT happen.

(additionally, if you install your gate 12-15 inches off the ground, you will make your life easier, you will not be as likely to have your horse rest their foot on the bottom rung, and it will help to discourage gate jumping)

Please go through the extra hassle of installing them the less convenient way.

(by the way, the longer, through and through bolts shown on the bottom, make this type of installation much easier and allow you to adjust much more finely against “sag”) We recommend putting the rubber caps on the end of these since horses try to hurt themselves regularly.

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