Don’t Do It

don't do it


If you have a horse that is actively in a laminitic episode  (still painful and still has hot feet) DO NOT give him vaccinations or wormer!

The foundering horse’s system cannot handle the chemical changes that occur from wormer or vaccines. These changes just contribute to the founder episode and make the situation worse.

buttercup(Buttercup came to us actively in a laminitic episode)

If these need to be administered, you should wait AT LEAST 4 weeks after your horse is no longer painful to give them. Also, in this case, you should space your vaccines out so your horse is only receiving one at a time.

At Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue not only do we want to save and adopt out horses but we also want to equip owners to take care of the ones they currently own better and as economically as possible.  As partners of The Right Horse Initiative we believe that the horse in transition can be Just the horse that you are searching for.  But we also believe in being here for our adopters and page followers with practical advice, pragmatic horse husbandry ideas and practices, and sharing our experiences so that you, the follower can learn from them.  Together with the #righthorse it is our goal at Heart of Phoenix to grow a community of knowledgeable horse people and potential adopters who make Great homes for horses looking for their new address. We want to spread the word about good horse care, good equine collaboration, and the viability of a horse in transition as a terrific option for your new friend.

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