The only stupid questions are …

If there is one thing that horses have taught me it is that there is an endless amount of new things that I can learn about horses.

the only stupid people

I know a heck of a lot about those equine creatures and still I am constantly able to learn new things.  For instance…did you know that the equine hoof continues to keep growing wide until about the age of 5 years old?  Therefore if a shoe is applied to a hoof too early, it will cause the hoof to not reach it’s fullness of size.  Now that is an important thing to know about.

We strongly encourage you to seek out and soak up all the information you can possibly find because when we know better than we do better.

There are so many different horse experts out there. And a ton of high quality trainers.  Some of these trainers do things in similar ways and some of them have very different ideas.  Each of them has value in that either he/she is teaching you what may be the thing to do or may not be the thing to do to get the results that you want out of your equine friend.  One trainer may have one way to load a horse in the trailer and another may have a different way.  It really can be quite useful to be able to try both of them if you are having a problem.  After all, in a tool box you have a few (or perhaps several) different types of wrenches.  One wrench is not bad and one good: merely that one is useful in one circumstance and the other in a different. Even if you do not agree with a trainer’s teaching style or every bit of what he/she does there are still probably one or two useful things that you can take away from your observations.

We want our followers and adopters to build a “mental toolbox” and put every piece of information you ever learn about horses into it throughout your whole horse journey.  In this way you will feel more confident when a situation arises that would have caused you perhaps to panic or to add to a situation in a negative manner.

If you are considering the large step of bringing a horse into your life, we want you to feel confident that you will have a terrific support system in us!  Whatever your wants and needs your #righthorse is out there,  and more than people realize, adopting through a reputable rescue can be a great way to add to your barn!  As partners of the Right Horse Initiative we want to be your go to resource for education, advice and encouragement.  We want to spread the word about collaboration, partnership and equine adoption to Good people like you!

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