A Triumph of Triple Impact: Finding 3 RIGHT Ponies

Three very different ponies living amazing lives post coming to Heart of Phoenix and being adopted by the same family in PA.
Two came in as stallion, one was bought for under $200 at an auction in the killer pen and all were entirely or mostly unhandled at intake.
All got basic training through HOP, and all went onto further careers with their adoptive family with more training.
Adoption CAN always be an option.
These ponies have accomplished great things and will continue to do so thanks to their adoptive family who believed in them and adoption,
They are the #RIGHTHORSES. . . or should we say #rightponies for this family

As told by the Yanek Family!

I’m sharing our adoption stories with this hashtag to spread the word that #RightHorse means I found three Ponies that were perfect for our through adoption. You can, too. Myrighthorse.com

Honestly, I wasn’t in the market for another horse. My girls helped a friend pick out a pony for her daughter. The pony was boarding at our barn and my youngest daughter Claire was helping the girl work with her new pony.

Things didn’t work out for the little girl and her pony and that’s when Claire asked me if she could keep him. She had a million reasons why. Knowing his history – he was an approx. 10 yr old stallion sitting in an auction house, being sold by a horse trader who would have taken him to Canada if he didn’t sell that night (I know because I researched this person) – I knew that this pony has probably endured enough in his life. He didn’t need to move around again. If it wasn’t for Heart of Phoenix being at the auction that night, this pony may have had a different ending.

My Claire just doesn’t bond with any/all horses. But she and DaVinci truly have a bond. He is the #righthorse for her.


What can I say about Dempsey (aka: Paint Me Perfect)? If it wasn’t for Heart of Phoenix, Dempsey may not have been around. Tied to a tree and left to die. We bought a horse farm because my daughter was persistent about adopting this pony! He has challenged her, disappointed her, surprised her and made her so proud…sometimes all within a day! Put him in a jumper ring and he knows exactly what to do…and he loves it! He has such a cool personality.
He was our first Heart of Phoenix pony and has a place in my heart. I don’t ride, but I do love and spoil all of our ponies. Dempsey will forever remain with us, even when my daughter outgrows him.


Last year we were looking for a pony to add to our barn family. We wanted a smaller pony who wouldn’t be intimidating with the little ones. My daughter followed Bon Jovi thru the Heart of Phoenix Appalachian Trainer Face Off. “He’s the one” she told me. I was a little skeptical because he was a feral horse who had only 100 days of training, but I took a chance and Bon Jovi came home with us.

I assumed that it would be a while before we would be able to put any beginner kids on him. Well, we got a big surprise! My girls worked with him for a few weeks and he was nothing but amazing. Super calm and loves his job! He can tote around a beginner or an experienced rider easily. My niece used him as her 4H project and they placed first in their class. They will be competing at the Pennsylvania State Show at the end of October. Not bad for a feral pony just one year under saddle!

I love this pony and the joy he brings to the kids. Everyone who meets him loves him. He’s the right pony for us!


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