Training Law Enforcement creates Compassion for Horses: HOP’s 5th Annual training is in the book

Our 5th Annual Law Enforcement Training is in the books, and we were super thankful to have many officers from 3 new counties that have never attended before travel down from Braxton, Marshall and Brook. Additionally, the new ACO for Barbour County attended!
This training builds partnerships, increases equine welfare concerns and gives officers the tools they need to understand if a horse is being neglected and how to safely handle the horses, as well as gives them the information they need on how to move forward with resources in and out of state in a neglect or cruelty case.
We gives our halters, lead ropes, color photo body score charts, an equine emergency booklet and more to each officers.
We’ve always offered this in hours service and CLE credit approved course for free to the state of WV (and Ohio and Ky).
Thank you to Susan Sunday, Suzanna Johnson and Sunday Stables and volunteers for making this another successful training event!
Heart of Phoenix is on a Mission, with the RIGHT HORSE Initiative, to improve the lives of horses in transition + massively increase horse adoption in the United States. This means building industry partnerships, like that we are constructing with state officials!
We shared how we could help these counties more with the increased adoptions we are seeing as a result of our RHI partnership, as well as how our increased capacity through a RHI grant will help us help owners in need, as well as counties.
We are Good People for Good Horses. As partners of the #RIGHTHORSE, we want to spread the word about partnership and equine adoption.

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