You Don’t Know until you KNOW: Equine Ulcers (So many go untreated)

After ten years in rescue, I am truly just now realizing how many horses suffer without consideration and treatment with gastric ulcers.

On and off, we would encounter horses that set backs of weight loss or simply take much longer to rehab compared to others.

Over the years, we’ve had various horses scoped for ulcers, and while none have ever been found, in hindsight, I feel we have missed cases due to misdiagnoses, given how many are responding to treatment when we notice symptoms now.

We realize all horses are different, and many factors exists for symptoms. However, we’ve found exceptional success this year on treating horses with Omeprazole granules for ulcers that fail to gain consistently, lose unexpectedly or stall short of full rehab. That change in rehab time, personality and overall condition is remarkable.

We pair this with Excel EQ supplement daily and Chaffe Hay. After 28 days of ulcer treatment, we continue with these great two diet additives, and we find this keeps a need to re-treat at bay entirely.

Varies things can causes ulcers, and all the causes aren’t known, but being stalled with limited turn out, any stressful situation, heavy grain feeding, limited forage feeding all may contribute.

Common ways we personally note when we suspect a horse may have ulcers:

  • you see a change in attitude
  • they have a low appetite
  • you see a change in energy or how they work
  • they have lost weight or overall condition, dull coat, etc
  • flank area responses
  • cribbing and weaving
  • a tucked up stomach
  • lack of weight gain in a rehab horse
  • weight loss after a stressful move or surgery

Ulcer Treatment paired with Excel QH and Chaffe Hay has DONE wonders for Troubadour lately, as well as many others just at our main facility!

If you have a horse you haven’t been struggling with condition/weight on, definitely consider chatting with your vet about ulcers and treatment.

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