Help a Horse Home – What a wonderful re-invention for Help a Horse day!

At Heart of Phoenix, our goal has always been to rescue, rehab, retrain and re-home as many horses as we can because we want to save as many lives as possible.

With a focus on adoption with “Help a Horse Home”, we were further encouraged to really come to the table as an organization and ask, “Are we doing enough to find all the great homes possible for our horses,” and we know we can keep improving!

We tried to be consistent and creative in our approach:

We sought out volunteers to share the adoption blogs of our horses daily on our Facebook and Instagram,

We re-worked our adoption pages to be EVEN More inviting, simply and encouraging,

We showcased the train-ability and beauty of many dozens of adopted and adoption horses in a positive light through  the Appalachian Trainer Face Off with videos, write ups and photos from over 30 trainers across America,

And ultimately, to think outside the box to bring more potential adopters to the table: Mammoth Donkeys in Petco on the local news stations twice in a week, anyone? You know what people kept saying, “Oh, I didn’t know know horses need help like cats and dogs! I did not know they need adopted!” 

Well, thankfully, now they do!

Always be willing to learn, think, re-create and change for the greater good.

We do not want any horse to waiting longer than he must to find a GOOD home, and we do not want to turn away a horse in need because we haven’t found that RIGHT home.

Here is to a great event this year with 12 horses adopted and re-homed during the contest period!

Thanks, ASPCA, for inspiring us to work harder and better for the horses!

Heart of Phoenix is on a Mission, with the RIGHT HORSE Initiative and the ASPCA to improve the lives of horses in transition + massively increase horse adoption in the United States. We are Good People for Good Horses.