Ending Slaughter will first require we STOP supporting kill pen schemes

I am of the belief that borders could have been closed some years ago with legislative action had well-meaning, but extremely misguided people, stopped supporting the side industry of “kill pen buying,” which has become more lucrative than the original slaughter industry, I suspect.
Had we never allowed a massive money making abuse system to grow from the low end auction and/or slaughter of horses, had we called it what it was from day one, the fight would have been easier this last decade.
Heart of Phoenix has never been part of kill pen / broker lot schemes, as that is all they are, and they do not change the number of horses slaughtered yearly in ANY way.
When HOP rescues a horse, that horse is most often removed from a neglect situation (which is unrelated to slaughter, low end auctions or kill pen scams), and typically, another horse IS NOT ever taking that one’s place.
We’ve, most often, actually really ended the cycle for that one horse.
That is real rescue. It is effective.
No matter where you stand on the issue of slaughter of horses for human consumption, the fact that broker lot scheme hurt ALL horses is so clear.
In addition to standing against kill pen lot / broker sales,
you can also call and email your members of Congress and let them know you want them to SUPPORT the SAFE Act and PAST Act.
(credit of the graphic goes elsewhere, but it was pretty apt to the message)

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