Facts and Figures for 2018 from Heart of Phoenix

Facts and Figures for 2018 from Heart of Phoenix
Friends, I wanted to check in with some year end reporting because, as we all know, giving resources are finite.
I want you to know all you can about HOP, so when you decide where to invest in making a difference, you can see how worth giving to the horses of Appalachia really is.
Perhaps more than that, we want you to see how vital each individual is, as well as how huge of an impact we make with very little!
Salaried Staff: 0
Year to Date Donation / Income: $180,000+
Volunteers: Over 100
Fosters: 20
States Impacted: 7
Average number of horses in rescue: 60 (up to 85)
Typical Horse in Rescue: Under 10, Mare, Pinto, Gaited
Average Monthly Expenses: $17,000
Number of horses rescued in 2018: 76
Number of horses adopted in 2018: 50+
Free to WV Law Enforcement Training: Statewide
Horses at Main Facility: 25
Horses in Foster: 30-35
Basic Intake vet and farrier cost for a new horse: $500
Cost for Monthly Round Bales at Main location: $1,200 – $1,500
Cost for Monthly Square Bales of Hay at Main location: $1,200 +
Feed Costs Monthly at Main location: $1,200
Average Farrier expenses each 8 weeks: $1,800
Average care costs for foster horses not at main facility: $250
In 2018, the vast majority of our funding came from individual or family monthly donors giving $5 – $100 a month.
Let me be frank. . .without people giving monthly, continually, the work of HOP isn’t possible.
Our work isn’t on the backs of state or federal funding. We receive none. Very little of what we operate on comes from grants or large donors.
You – the horse loving gal or guy – sending your hard earned $25 dollars diligently each and every month . . . .you are a huge part of why this RESCUE WORKS.
When I say work. . .I mean it. . .it is an intensive, difficult labor of love and sweat and tears.
It is worth it. They are worth it.
Can you imagine what we could do with more commitments to give when you see what we’ve accomplished with so little?
Shew! Amazing stuff, folks!
Join us through December 24th and becoming a monthly donor of ANY amount you can offer!

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