The Journey to Heart of Phoenix: More than Rescue

We rarely capture moments that serves as a catalyst for the rest of our lives, but in 2010,  I was able to do just that.

These are shares from my personal blog in 2010 and then 2011 that give you insight into the beginnings of Heart of Phoenix.

As you all well know, we’ve gone on to grow into the greatest advocacy voice for horses that West Virginia has known.

And this little mare has never been forgotten.


September 13, 2010

“I’ll give her a name”

Because living like she is . . . is not truly being Alive

Our vet confirmed that her chance of survival and recovery is totally hopeless today.
Phoenix. . . I really knew that was the appropriate name for the rescue mare from the beginning, and now I see she is not supposed to get the name upon recovery here, but she will receive the name for the new life she will have in the “beyond,”

Even as God says that a sparrow does not fall that he is not with it in Matthew 10:29, surely not a horse goes out of this world that he is not aware of, that he does not care for, that he has not made new provisions for beyond the earth.

So the mare will be Phoenix. She will be slightly plump, shiny and be able to run to and fro in the next life, will she not?

In the story of the Phoenix, upon the death of the Phoenix, a new bird creature  always rises from the ashes.

So it will be with our Phoenix, I believe

Last week, her haunting face told an awful story.
Happily ever after isn’t always external, I have learned.
– only a photo I found online of a mare so similar to this mare 
and it reminds me of how I feel she
should hae been on earth had she been properly
love and cared for
* * *
It shows the progress I wish I could have
facilitated in her, shows how I wish she could have
been when I posted an update on her some day in the future
* * *
But regardless, it shows
how I believe she will go onto be once
she is out of pain here. 
We are still arranging for a humane euthanasia and burial for her,
so once we do put her down , we will post an update.

September 26, 2010

“She is gone, it is over, but it is not finished”

She is gone, it is over, but it is not finished

This evening at 7pm, we put down Phoenix, our rescue mare.

She is now, for the first time, probably since she was a foal,

without pain.

That is something to breathe a sign of relief for,

truly, it is.

It is better on the other side, little mare,
I assure you, it must be.
The mare is gone. I will say, it was very peaceful. She had Bute to allow her to walk out a bit into the pasture, and we gave her treats the whole way, and she grazed some, and it was really peaceful.
I hope I’ve learned something from her case, and I hope I’ve shared her story online enough that it moves some people to action to try to help horses in such need.

I want to take this time to let people know that there are many other horses like her out there.

If you have personal horses, please understand you should feel obligated to give back, if you can, to horses in need.

I feel it is only the right thing to do. Give something back to the creatures that give you so much.

January 2011

“So here we go.”

We just sent back our engagement letter for the 501(c)3 status process to begin.

Something quite scary about undertaking this, but here we go.

. . .


April 26th, 2018

“And I never looked back.”


(Phoenix, still unnamed, back at intake)

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