West Virginia Horsemen and Women, we need your assistance concerning the abandoned equines of our state

West Virginia Horse Lovers,
Take a moment to review this fact sheet, and then reach out of the State Senate and House members (especially in Southern regions where this issue is most relevant) today with an email or call to the office leaving a voice mail.
Request future Legislative changes:
1. A dramatically reduced time frame to define a horse as a “stray,”
2. Giving authority to humane officers to define a horse as abandoned and
3. Creating a heavy fine for those dumping or turning horses out on these lands would go a long way to aiding change for these animals and West Virginia.
Be sure to mention Heart of Phoenix has aggressively worked on this issue, aided the state numerous times in regards to these abandoned horses and has a sensible plan in place to assist these animals.
If you feel you need more information on this issue, everything you could ever wish to know is in this blog, but proceed at your own caution, as images are hard to view
For a non-stark look full of information, visit here

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