The Wishlist of Heart of Phoenix: Find out what you can give to make a difference

The Wishlist of Heart of Phoenix
We are making our list, checking it twice whether or not the horses are naught or nice 🙂
Our address is:  PO BOX 81 Shoals WV 25562 or RR2 box 6A, Lesage, WV 25527
  1.  Breakaway Halters 
  2. Lead ropes
  3. Breakaway Halter repair kits
  4. A Stable hand hay net helper
  5. 10 Hay Bag XL Feeders 
  6. Heated Water Buckets 
  7. Outdoor short extension cords
  8. Trough Deicer 
  9. Heated water hose
  10. Round Pen (used is just fine of any size)
  11. Horse Safe Round Bale Feeders (used is ok, too)

USED items are always welcome, and feel free to shop around for the best deals you can find!

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