The 2022 Superheroes of Animal Rescue: A Cosplay Calendar for Purchase Now!

A Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue Calendar Celebrating Rescue Horses and the Volunteers Who Save Their Lives. This Cosplay concept shoot and calendar intends to shine a light on horses waiting for homes in rescues, as well as to depict volunteers helping horses in need as the superheroes they truly are!

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This will make awesome gifts for anyone!

Your order will celebrate the lives of these horses and the people who work to be sure they have a Happily Ever After, as well as help make sure they have the care they need while they wait for an amazing home fit!

Order your calendar here!

Pierce the Super Pony who doesn't let blindness in one eye slow him down
Pierce the Super Pony who doesn’t let blindness in one eye slow him down (adoptable)
Trainer, Foster and owner of Sunday Stables, Susan Sunday, with Magic Mike, adopted in 2016 by Susan
Susan Sunday and Magic Mike, adopted in 2016 by Susan
Heather Severt and Merilee, a former abandoned mine horse of 30 years old
Heather Severt, HSUS Director for West Virginia, and Merilee, a former abandoned mine horse of 30 years old (Adoptable)
Tinia Creamer
Tinia Creamer, HOP founder, and Stevie Nicks (Adoptable)
Author, Sarah Dooley, who is also a caretaker of many HOP horses, including 2 year old Puddin! (Adoptable)
Jessie Hardesty, VP of Heart of Phoenix, with Magnum (Adopted)
Liz Elbrink with Beauty (Adopted)
Stephanie Davis with Mustang mare, Harley Quinn, born in a BLM facility (Adoptable)
New intake, Harriet, affectionately called “Radar” most often (Adoptable)
Adorable Aztec, a senior miniature gelding (Adoptable) with Raychel Paige
Vania Carr, HOP foster and owner of Full Circle Stables, with Zoey from the 2017 Appalachian Trainer Challenge (Adoptable)
KCHA’s Jessie Shafer with 2 year old Rita (Adoptable)



Heart of Phoenix: MORE THAN A RESCUE


A special thank you to Kenneth for costume and concept arrangements, Sara Meyers and Ashley Lovejoy for Makeup, hair and special effects, All volunteer models, Vania Carr Photography and Rhyme and Reasons Photo!

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