THE ADOPTION OPTION: It isn’t just for cats and dogs. Horses need Homes, too!

There is a pervasive belief that if a horse ends up in a bad situation, it must be because he did something wrong or had a defect.
This is not true.
Horses end up needing help when people do something wrong, and it can happen to any horse, no matter his conformation, papers, training, personality or value.
We live in a world where everyone isn’t kind or knowledgeable, and horses can pay a price for being at the hands of the wrong people (people can pay that same price, I should add).
Being “ADOPTABLE” only means a person let the animal down, and we certainly do not want AMAZING HORSES to go without homes because of a myth that hasn’t been laid to rest quite yet.
We seek to show, not just tell, EVERYONE that Adoption is a Wonderful OPTION if you’re looking for a horse to be a riding partner, show partner or companion!
Low fees, honest assessments, a no worries safe net if you cannot keep the horse, riding instruction, education, training and solid vetting all come with the ADOPTED HORSE. It is a package that is hard to beat!
THE ADOPTION OPTION: It isn’t just for cats and dogs

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