When you cannot have a horse of your own: Equine Sponsorship may be the answer for you!

Did you know that all across America, thousands of horses wait in “limbo” for a home.

These horses depend on care all the while.

There are also thousands, if not millions, of people who adore horses nationwide that either due to age, health, time or cost, cannot call a horse their own. But did you know Equine Sponsorship is possible a wonderful middle-ground for you if that described you?

Sponsorship programs vary, but typically, the cost to sponsor a horse through a rescue is about 1/2 the cost to actually own a horse. I’ve found most rescues ask for $100 to $200 per horse a month for what is considered “FULL care.”

This means you are covering the basic needs of that horse fully until he or she is adopted.

If the rescue you’re sponsoring is local, sponsorship often will mean you have a special ability to visit that horse, receive extra updates and photos of the horse and simply to know that horse is recovering and has a chance because of you. While you’re sponsoring, THAT RESCUE is much like “YOUR HORSE.”

Through the course of one year of sponsorship, your monthly gift may help save the lives of as many as 2-6 horses, depending on how quickly a horse rehabilitates and is placed into a home. Imagine that impact!

I’ve found that through Full equine sponsorship, donors repeatedly tell me how much they have learned about the personalities of “their” horses, their needs and simply how meaningful this type of giving is to them over time.

All sponsors rightfully feel like they are part of that space of time in a horse in need’s life, and the fact is sometimes, that means even more than having one’s own horse.

If you have dreamed of having your own horse, but you know that it isn’t possible for one reason or many, consider sponsorship!

Any rescue or sanctuary is always in need, and a good rescue will always try to make it a meaningful experience for you!


(Holly and Knox were lucky to have FULL SPONSORSHIPS their entire time with HOP)



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