Dune: FACE OFF Adoptable Horse Profile #HOPTEAMDUNE with Adam Black Horsemanship




  • Appalachian Brumby – AKA Who knows, but he is sure pretty! (former free roaming feral horse born in Kentucky)
  • 3-4 year old gelding
  • 14.2hh (measured)
  • 100 days of training with Adam of Adam Black’s Horsemanship
  • ADOPTION FEE starts at an opening bid of $500 on August 26th (Learn how to Apply and about the adoption auction here)

ALL FACE OFF horses come UTD on farrier care and vetting, as well as freshly out of extremely thorough training (that alone is worth thousands of dollars).

His Story

Dune was rounded up and rescued by Kentucky Equine Humane in 2016. He along with his bred dam and others were brought into the center to receive training and find homes. Dune was gelded, but he was still as feral as the day he was rounded up. As is often the case with rescues that are active and working hard, there can be more horses than there is ever time when it comes to training, and so Dune came into Heart of Phoenix to be part of the Appalachian Trainer Face Off.

His Training

Dune has a Refined, athletic build with some more growing and filling out to do. Adam says he is Safe, sane and sensible. Dune is described as  an extremely confident and consistent gelding, and it is easy to see that is what he is in the videos and photos his trainer has frequently shared. He has no buck, rear, kick. Dune has been hauled to shows, stands at the trailer or in the stall. While he can still be a little ornery to catch in a big, open field, he was feral born (possibly multi-generation feral born), so this isn’t a big surprise and will abate in time. Adam says this boy has great handle, neck reins and is leg sensitive. He Rides in snaffle, shank, halter with lead or even just a neck rope. Very naturally lead, Stands to be tied, for farrier, tacking and untacking.

Dune would excel and does at trail work, obstacle work, timed courses, Mounted Shooting, English Riding, Western Dressage, Dressage and Jumping. If you’re looking for a solid, hardworking, honest horse, Dune is the one for you!!


More videos can be found here of Dune

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