Are you Ready? The Appalachian Trainer Face Off and Open Show is Coming in August to West Virginia!

The Appalachian Trainer Face Off is a revolutionary concept that brings unhandled RESCUED Horses together with Amazing Trainers across our region in a way seldom seen before.

These trainers selected the horse of their choice from equines in need at Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC in May to undertake 100 days of training to prove they are the BEST of the best in Appalachia and to change the life of a neglected horse entirely.

To learn the full details, visit: or Appalachian Trainer Face Off

During the 5th Annual Heart of Phoenix Open Fun Show in Winfield, WV on August 25th and 26th, riders from across multiple states will enjoy two days of open show classes, and they, along with an audience, will witness what each trainer and his Face Off horse have accomplished.

Guest Judges Micheal Lyons and Tim Clyne, along with HOP’s own Judge, Susan Sunday, will score the pairs according to how much they have accomplished and how well they execute various tasks.

ALL Face Off horses will be adoptable following the last evening’s events, so MAKE sure to learn about the adoption and auction bidding process on the blog above.

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Remember, this is an open show where everyone is welcome to attend to take part or watch Friday and Saturday!

#HopteamSoleil at Adkins Quarter Horses
#HopteamDune at Adam Black Horsemanship
#HopteamRory at Dan Hull’s “From The Ground Up” Horse Training
#HopteamDempsey at Sunni Bell Stables
#HopteamVato at Pinnacle Stables
#HopteamDori at Team Dori : Appalachian Trainer Face Off
#HopteamZoey at Dixon Equine LLC
#HopteamKatniss at Mike Hurst Horsemanship

5th Annual Open Fun Show & Appalachian Trainer Face Off

Sponsored by Rodney Loftis & Son Contracting

Supplements for all horses provided by Brenda’s Natural Equine

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