The Appalachian Trainer Face Off Introductions: Olivia meets Zoey, a Spotted Saddle Pony

The Appalachian Trainer Face Off Introductions

Introducing our next Trainer Face Off Pair: Olivia with Zoey!

This 6 year old mare came to us with her very senior, partially blind and emaciated dam, 2 Standardbred geldings and a senior miniature horse when their elderly owner needed to turn them over after going without food and needed items in order to try to provide for them. She hadn’t received farrier care before, had never been on a trailer and was not truly halter trained. Her dam had to be euthanized due to various detrimental conditions, and this little gal was quite lost without her mama. You can read her intake story here.

Various horse traders had stopped and asked the lady who had this herd to give them away, let them load them up, run them to auction, and the owner refused each time. Can you imagine the fate an barely leadable mare would have had if HOP hadn’t come in time or if the owner hadn’t refused each time?

We cannot wait to watch her journey unfold with Olivia of Dixon Equine and A Pony Known of Satan fame. Can Olivia bring out all of the talent with little mare holds in her tiny frame? Oh, we suspect she can! Heck, day two is barely over, and she is already well underway!

Also enjoy the many photos documenting their journey here.

In the images below, you can see Olivia and Zoey, Zoey before and after intake, and Zoey’s dam, Sierra, before rescue

Remember, while ALL of these horses and trainers will prove to be phenomenal, this is a competition, and the ONLINE FAN Favorite will take home the “SOCIAL MEDIA FAN PICK” Award, and the more interest generated in each horse, the HIGHER chance of adoption of EACH and EVERY Horse.

These horses will be adoptable via online and in person auction to APPROVED homes on HOP contacts on August 26th. This is an amazing chance to give a home horse who has been through so much a forever home and all the while being blessed with an equine coming to you with an exceptional foundation that has a value many times over the adoption fee! I cannot imagine a better place to be browsing for your next equine partner, guys!

Over the next few days, I will share a Trainer / Horse pair taking part in the Appalachian Trainer Face Off, an inaugural, yearly event.

Today, it is #HOPTEAMZOEY

Tomorrow, meet another Competitive Team!

And mark your calendars, as this Face Off is one you will NOT want to miss, so plan to drive in, fly in or float in to see this on August 25th and August 26th!

Heart of Phoenix Open Fun Show and Appalachian Trainer Face Off

Be sure to invite all of your friends!

If your eye is on applying to adopt ZOEY, be sure to get your applications in early!

Follow this pair closely on Appalachian Trainer Face Off

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