Let us be “frank” about “weiners”… A Comedic take on Sheath Cleaning in Horses

Let us be frank about weiners…

When horses were wild and used their equipment those things took care of themselves.

But now that the boys have to (should) be gelded, weiners don’t get cleaned like they used to naturally while breeding mares.

So many geldings develop “beans”. Now how do you know your guy has a bean?

When your male horse urinates it should be a steady stream, going downward, continuously until finished. Horses with beans either pee in fits and starts, grunt and strain while peeing, or the stream sprays sideways like a stopped up faucet.

So what do you do about this?

Well, you can have your vet come out and do a sheath cleaning or you can get some “weiner cleaner” and do it yourself. But if you have no idea on the planet how this is done (and dislodging a bean can be quite challenging) it’d be an awfully good idea to ask for help.

Excalibur is an excellent product for this and there are others that work well. Please make sure to use the proper product though because soap residue almost always gets left behind and these products are designed not to cause an issue if that should happen.

Two things you NEED to know…

The smegma (gunk in the weiner sheath) smells absolutely horrid. No joke-it is bad. And about 30% of geldings strongly object to being handled so personally and will take your head off cheerfully with a hoof if you try it.

It varies how often these things need attention. The best thing to gauge it by is the behavior of the urine stream.

And yes, sometimes your horse might have to have a little happy juice from the vet to accomplish this chore safely.




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