The Appalachian Trainer Face Off Introductions: Rory meets Dan Hull after almost a decade of being considered semi wild and only a brood mare

The Appalachian Trainer Face Off Introductions

Introducing our fourth Trainer x Horse Pairing, Dan and Rory

This Mare was said to have been used as a Quarter Horse brood mare for some years before ending up at a rescue in PA over 2 years ago. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the ability to offer her training. In the last part of 2016, they weren’t able to offer dental or farrier care and asked us to try to help her. Once we had space, more recently, we accepted Rory into Heart of Phoenix with the hope this challenge will be the first thing in her near 10 year of life to offer her the ability to ENJOY a relationship with people after so long.

She is one of the more fearful, mistreated equines in the competition. Whatever handling that took place in her past, limited as it must have been, was very poor prior to her rescue.

Can Dan of Dan Hull’s “From The Ground Up” Horse Training be the person to give her a new outlook toward people and to make her a partner? Here is to 90-100 days of chances and opportunity! We are sure this will be the best 100 days of this gal’s life!

Check Dan’s extremely thorough overview of each of the days’ work with Rory since selecting her on Monday on his facebook pag2: Dan Hull’s “From The Ground Up” Horse Training

Also enjoy the many photos documenting their journey here:

These are documented by HOP adopter, Shannon G.

Remember, while ALL of these horses and trainers will prove to be phenomenal, this is a competition, and the ONLINE FAN Favorite will take home the “SOCIAL MEDIA FAN PICK” Award, and the more interest generated in each horse, the HIGHER chance of adoption of EACH and EVERY Horse.

These horses will be adoptable via online and in person auction to APPROVED homes on HOP contacts on August 26th. This is an amazing chance to give a home horse who has been through so much a forever home and all the while being blessed with an equine coming to you with an exceptional foundation that has a value many times over the adoption fee! I cannot imagine a better place to be browsing for your next equine partner, guys!

Over the next few days, I will share a Trainer / Horse pair taking part in the Appalachian Trainer Face Off, an inaugural, yearly event.

Today, it is #HOPTEAMRORY

Tomorrow, meet another Competitive Team!

And mark your calendars, as this Face Off is one you will NOT want to miss, so plan to drive in, fly in or float in to see this on August 25th and August 26th!

Heart of Phoenix Open Fun Show and Appalachian Trainer Face Off

Be sure to invite all of your friends!

If your eye is on applying to adopt Rory be sure to get your applications in early!

Follow this pair closely on Appalachian Trainer Face Off

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