Face Off Trainers Select their Horses! 2017

Heart of Phoenix is SO very excited!

Appalachian Trainer Face Off has began.

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We are so blessed to be able to begin something here that will serve to help horses in an innovative way never done before right here and rarely done elsewhere in the USA.

We are really over the moon!

To imagine this number of HOP rescue horses receiving one on one training by hugely talented trainers giving their time as volunteers all at once for 100 days and then coming together to compete and show us ALL how amazing a Rescue horse that someone neglected, abused and threw away can be with the RIGHT Horseman or woman!?!?

My heart can barely, just barely. . .take it!

So again, the basics:

8 rescue horses.
8 trainers.
100 days culminating in an epic two day event in August during Heart of Phoenix Open Fun Show and Appalachian Trainer Face Off, which is open to the public.
Trainers will build interest in their horses all of this time, and applications will be accepted starting now, and APPROVED ADOPTERS will be able to bid via in person and online at the end of the show and competition!
The winner will have bragging rights, prizes and there will also be a FAN FAVORITE!

We are still looking for corporate, business and individual sponsors to complete the awards and prizes packages. Be part of something amazing!

The Trainers selected their horses today:

Mike Hurst of Mike Hurst Horsemanship is paired up with Katniss (originally Paladin, but due to lameness, a new horse was substituted)

Olivia Dixon from Dixon Equine LLC and A pony known as Satan was paired with Zoey (originally Luna, but due to some heaves type symptoms once moved to Ky, a new horse was substituted)

Dan Hull from Dakota Stables selected Rory (recently sent to us from Charming Acres in Pa)

Aubrey Adkins Pyles  from Adkins Quarter Horses selected Soleil

Chloe Adkins, our Youth competitor, selected Dori

Rebecca Francis for Sunni Bell Stables selected Dempsey

Nicole Valeri of Pinnacle Stables selected Vato

Adam Black of Adam Black Horsemanship selected Dune, and Dune came to us as free roaming horse likely born on the Kentucky Stripmines through Kentucky Equine Humane Center (amazing when rescues can work together for the horses)

Over the next 8 DAYS, we will be doing Horse / Trainer write ups, linking you to their pages individually in those posts and asking you to decide. . .Who are you for?


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