Appalachian Trainer Face Off: The Horses and Trainers

We are pleased to announce the full line up for the Appalachian Trainer Face Off!

The Selected Trainers:

Mike Hurst

Adam Black

Aubrey Adkins Pyles

Olivia Dixon

Nicole Valeri 

Rebecca Francis 

Jay Lewis

Dan Hull

Chloe Adkins

Judges are:

Michael Lyons

Tim Clyne

Susan Sunday

And most importantly, the horses lucky enough to have ended up in a rescue willing to go the extra mile to facilitate the best start possible for them, as well as work to make the equine industry and public aware that rescue horses are awesome are. . .

Horses will be selected by drawing on May 15th in Lesage, WV. Trainers will draw numbers and will select based on the lowest number drawn with respect to selecting horses that are a suitable size for the trainer, as a few of these horses are quite small.

The following dates are firmly set. The general format is, as well, but a few elements are subject to change.

May 15, 2017 at 1pm:

First Number Draw Date for trainers to select their rescue horses at Mulligan Farms, Lesage, WV (10 minutes from Huntington, WV). This is the newest location of Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue.

June 1st, June 15th, July 1st, July 15th, August 1st, August 15th and August 20th:

2 videos with updates are due by trainers twice a month during the 90-100 day Face Off Training portion of the event. We recommend trainers create their own Facebook training page, if they do not have one already, as Heart of Phoenix will build interest in YOUR horse for the competition through these updates and videos. You are welcome to submit more often, and they will be widely sponsored and circulated by the rescue to our many thousands of followers on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and beyond. This is your chance to market yourself as the BEST of Appalachia before the weekend competition even arrives. Use it wisely!

 August 25th and 26th:

At the Winfield Show Grounds and Riding Arena

5449 WV-34, Winfield, WV 25213

This will be a Friday and Saturday event. The top half of competing trainers will move on to the Obstacle Course and Freestyle Performance portion Saturday. The event closes with an awards ceremony, prizes and “Auction.” Learn more about the Auction portion and how this is a portion of the event that will allow the trainers to “earn” more than prizes and bragging rights for their participation.

In an effort to provide a fuller selection for trainers, we may bring in a few additional horses by May 15th. As the rescue is constantly helping other horses, should a trainer’s horse come up lame or ill, we will have replacement options for the trainers.

In order to level the playing field at the start of this competition, because the age, breed, history and training varies on our horses, we have assigned scores that the horses will carry into the competition, if applicable, based on our knowledge and overall impression after working with each horse. This will make the playing field fair and even.
Vato carries 15pts going into the competition
Rory carries 15pts going into the competition
Luna carries 15pts going into the competition
Paladin carries 5pts going into the competition
Zoey carries 5pts going into the competition
Dempsey carries 5 pts going into the competition
Zoey carries 5 pts going into the competition
Satine carries 5 pts going into the competition
Serena carries 0 pts going into the competition 

Trainers and Judges are asked to join this group for easy communication, sharing of videos, photos and so forth, as the competition progresses.

Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, as well as the Appalachian Trainer Face Off page, will share any and all updates, linked to the trainer’s page, to encourage wide engagement of our audience and potential adopters and future clients of the trainers.

Points will be assigned  based on:        

Unable to complete task, Able to complete, Able to complete well or Able to excel

Events scored will include:

Day One, August 25th, Winfield Riding Arena, WV

Beginning at Noon

Moving the horse 

Ability to get forward motion

Control of walk, trot, and lope

Difficulty of Horse

Desensitizing / Ground work of the horse

Ability of trainer to settle the horse

Tarps, flag and/or ropes, ground poles

Horses’s acceptance of the saddle & pad

Riding Portion

How prepared is the horse to be mounted

Horse’s willingness to stand

How horse turns and stops

Ridden both directions at the walk, trot and canter

Ability to load into and back out of a trailer

Ability to stand tied

Following the end of the 1st days event, the highest scoring 8 competitors will continue on to Day 2 of the competition. 

Scoring from Day 1 will combine with Day 2 Scoring

DAY TWO on August 26th in Winfield Riding Arena

Beginning at 9am

OBSTACLE Course and Freestyle Performance

While navigating the course:

Ability to control spookiness

Walk, trot and canter around arena both directions while on the correct lead and against the rail

Ability to get forward motion

Stop their horse

Get the horse to back up 3 steps

Get off and pick up all 4 feet

Weave through  all poles

Walk through zig zag poles

Cross tarp

Cross ground poles

Rope the barrel (they then drop the rope)

Drag the log (take rope from top of barrel)

Freestyle competitions are entirely the Trainer’s choice for 5 minutes following the end of the obstacle course portion.

TRAINERS, please join the group page on Facebook, and I will be posting the DETAILS on scoring soon!

If you, for some reason, cannot attend to draw and pick up your horse on May 15th, PLEASE let me know right away. Horses must be picked up no later than the 18th. We will draw for you and select for you if you’re not present at 1pm on May 15th. 

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