Puddin: A tale of Fear, Lice, Manure and Urine

Meet the newest HOP addition we’ve dubbed “Puddin”


She came to us yesterday as a seizure case in our local county.

She had been laying  down a lot because her feet are riddled with thrush and hurt.

She is in deplorable, filthy shape.

Puddin appears to be a yearling.

She is COVERED (and I mean covered) in lice.

She has soft, painful hooves that haven’t seen a farrier in who knows when, and she has stood and laid in her own excrement and urine so long she has Raw skin and is losing all of her hair all over. She has wounds on her face from an embedded halter. Bald places all over her body leaving naked, red and painful places from her hair falling out from the scalding.

And so afraid. . .

She has been living in squalor in a tin shed.

If you would like to sponsor Puddin’s recovery or donate to her care, please do so at: http://www.wvhorserescue.org/donate.html

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