Sustaining Donors Matter

You are the Difference: What means we can save Another Life?


Horses like Shetan depend on you, our dedicated follower, to realize the impact your monthly donation of any amount makes to horses like him and so many others across Appalachia.

While the assurance and need we have in and of our monthly donors of $5, $10 or more dollars every month cannot be stressed enough. The mindset of, “Well, I can’t give enough to fix everything, so my gift couldn’t do enough,” and this means valuable and worthy supporters decide to not give at all, feeling they do not matter.

If I do nothing else, I hope to show donors able to be a $5, $10 or $20 dollar re-occurring donor each month that THEIR gift matters, so please take that step. It is part of something so much larger. It also means you felt compelled to believe what You CAN do matters more than what you can’t. It is why Heart of Phoenix exists.

We know we cannot save every single horse in need, BUT WE CAN ACCOMPLISH something great with our efforts. What we can do matters a lot to that one horse we step in to save. In turn, You may not be able to make a $10,000 donation, but you can support this work by giving what you CAN give.

Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue is sustained by those who give what they can each and every month via mail or online, though the amounts may vary, a tremendous value is present in each supporter.

The impact you all make, regardless of what you give, is amazing when you choose to “Give” what you can afford. . . be that $5 a month or $500.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, but we have well over 20,000 followers.

What if each follower committed to a monthly gift?

We could have an amazing revolution in the numbers of horses we can hold, care for, train and place.

So today, please consider making that step to give $5 or more dollars a month through this page:

If you’ve been thinking about it before, yet you didn’t realize JUST HOW MUCH it would matter to the rescue, I hope this shows you how important YOU are.

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