I’m not kidding. This boy is it.

He is this wise, spunky and lovely 20 plus year old gelding who has lived through about everything we can and cannot imagine.

I personally am wild over this horse.

Atlas was rescued from St. Albans, WV  3 years ago. He was a skeleton. They said he came from an auction.

I’ve always believed he is likely impeccably bred, as a life Arabian aficionado, but his papers and past are “Gone with the Wind.”

He has a lovely, strong Arab head, and nothing much about this wise fellow says Senior.

He is ring and trail riding ready for the advanced beginner. He does well in a bitless bridle, works well in a herd of mares or geldings.

He prefers to be pastured  and will stock up if stalled long term.

His fee is $500 –

He adopts UTD on everything, including dental, farrier and vaccinations.