Why Equine Adoption is Probably Your Best Choice

What Adopters Love about Adoption:

The rescue does not have an incentive to misrepresent the horses like someone who sells horses for profit may. We want the horse and adopter to be a perfect match and the adopter to be happy as we desire a LONG TERM home. We care for these horses and want only the best match for them! We do not gain enough to cover even 1/3 of the cost it takes to rehab these horses, so you may rest assured that profit has nothing to do with our placement policies.

The rescue offers more horse for your money. We adopt our horses that have current negative Coggins, farrier trims, vaccinations, worming, and dental floats. Our fees do not even cover all of the up to date vetting and care the horses come to you WITH! You never need to worry what will happen to an adoptive horse if you cannot care for the horse should an emergency arise. You can always bring your horse back to the rescue.


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