Violet is an extreme starvation case that needs surgery to thrive

Violet arrived from Wyoming county, WV last year as one of the worst cases of starvation and abuse we have ever rehabbed. While her weight is now at a healthy place, her mind is still recovering, and her body still needs our help.

She has a Luxating Patella and requires surgery.

The prognosis is expected to be good if she receives this surgery, but until then, as a result of unknown trauma in the past, she has episodes of pain and lameness.

As time passes, without the surgery, more risk of arthritis and muscle degeneration will occur, so it is important this surgery, now that we finally have a diagnosis, be carried out with haste!

This little mare has overcome the impossible from less than a body score of 1, truly, to a healthy weight. Her spirit has stayed strong through it all.

Please help us give Violet the after she deserves.

Heart of Phoenix: Because every horse deserves a chance at a Happy Ever After!

No amount is too small! Consider a donation as a gift for the person who loves horses and has everything! We will send a Thank you Note to the person of your choice in time for Christmas if you let us know you would like us to do so!

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