Heart of Phoenix, West Virginia’s Leading Advocacy Organization for Horses, is seeking a Gently Used truck to help horses who haven’t been so Gently Used

Honestly, I am not sure how we’ve made it so long without an organization truck.

We’ve begged, borrowed and managed to use up every truck our volunteer base would offer, and the time has come that we cannot put it off, anymore.

As the state’s primarily and longest standing equine advocacy organization, we cannot do that work we have before us without a 4X4, 2500 or larger truck in decent shape.

Please consider contacting dealerships you know that might work with us on a “at cost” or even donated level, as the donation or reduced cost (below value) is a tax deduction. HOP has tens of thousands of followers in the tri-state, and we believe a dealership would certain benefit from the advertising we can generate for their good deed!

OR If you have a truck you’d consider donating or selling at a very reasonable cost, please let us know.

Please share. The lives of the Horses of Appalachia depend on HOP being able to respond immediately, and right now, that isn’t where we are with the last heavy duty truck a volunteer has long offered going into the shop for extensive work.

(Me pictured, literally, when the first donated truck blew up some years back)


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