Together, We Can Save Those left Behind in a culture that seems to discard the helpless

Children. Seniors. Horses. Dogs. Cows.

We have a culture that neglects, and often abuses, the helpless. This applies to humans and animals.

We disrespect life. The small minded concentrate on one portion or another, but it is too widespread for all of that.

Starvation. Filth. Hoarding. Excuses.

Stop. Please. For every excuse, there is a blaring truth.

Yesterday, we were grateful to see a large, out of state equine rescue come in when HOP could not accept 11 neglected horses in  a law enforcement case. We were able to see a local farm step in for livestock in need. We were able to see people work for hours and hours for the helpless.

How about we start teaching our children to work to help those who are helpless without fail, be they children, the elderly or animals? How about we work on this really hard?




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