Holly, a former work horse saved from bleak starvation and cruelty: The Adopt from HOP project

Holly used to farm for the Amish. Who knows when, who knows where. I guess that doesn’t matter much now.

Almost 12 years ago, from what we can piece together from the stories of neighbors in Harrison County, WV, she ended up with a hoarder, an abuser, and there she lived for 10 years.

Locals said she stayed skeletal all that time. She had foals, and they died there. They were left out in the trashy areas around the barn, and Holly went on.

Honestly, it is hard to say how she could have lived as long as she did, but finally a man saw her and her companion, Knox, both around 25 years old by that time, in December 2014. This was a bitter cold point of the month. It was near Zero, and these horses were body scores of one. It took the governor’s office in our state getting involved before the county would act, but finally, they did.

Heart of Phoenix made the trip up to load two hollow eyed skeletons.

Since then, Holly flourished. She proved that age has little to do with anything when it comes to rehab, and she has shown us she has decided views on how all parts of her life should go.

At this point, this giant, striking mare is around 27 years old. She has navicular, but for right now, she is pasture sound. Her disease is not advanced, though that could change at any point rapidly.

She is grand, and she has worked for people, and she has suffered because of people.

Now she is looking for, after almost 3 decades, for her own person who will neither work her or ask anything of her. . .just a person who will be her’s for whatever time she may have left.

I reckon she really deserves that, doesn’t she?

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