“I can’t give him the time he deserves”: For the Love of. . .Just keep Your Horse

I see the posts all of the time, and often, the horse is in lovely shape and in a great environment.

Please, stop.

I don’t even know what to make of these ads. I know the authors are often well meaning, and then I know sometimes it is a cop out to avoid saying, “I don’t want to deal, anymore,” but I am here to tell you. . .Stop. Whether you mean well or whether it is a cop out, just STOP.

If you truly cannot afford your horse, that is another matter. I am talking about those who can afford the care, but they simply don’t want the hassle, anymore, or even those who mean well and believe someone else will “spend more time” than they do. Listen, friends, it isn’t likely anyone else will do better. If you can feed them, keep them.

Horses are being slaughtered, abused and neglected all over the United States each day.

Horses aren’t dreaming of a personal relationship with you. Horses want to meander, have water, food and to be pain-free.

If you can somehow pull together enough to finance these things each month, then please, for all that is good in the world, feed and care for your horse.

That horse isn’t going to write a blog on Facebook about how you are neglecting his emotional needs when you feed him enough and make sure his environment is clean and safe enough, but rant how you failed to ride him or do ground work or bring treats. He doesn’t care.

Feed and water him in that lovely field and just make sure if he needs wormed or needs a farrier, he gets one or the other or both.

There aren’t enough places for them right now, folks.

When you post a photo of a clearly well cared for horse saying you don’t have time to give him all the needs, reconsider. Clearly you’ve done what he needs so far. Can’t you keep on for the sake of his well being?

The chances of a good home beyond yours is bleak for what is usually a green horse or an older horse or a mediocre in training type horse. You’ve managed so far. Stretch and keep on, please.

What comes after you is rarely a happily ever after. So rarely.

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9 thoughts on ““I can’t give him the time he deserves”: For the Love of. . .Just keep Your Horse

  1. This is SPOT-ON!! I know “life” happens & we can end up where we never thought we’d be….But…an animal is for life…You are all they have & your responsibility is to ensure their well-being untill and including a peaceful passing!

  2. The other option, just tossing this out there is euthanizing the horse/horses. If “I don’t have time” translates too I have two jobs (which is why I can afford the horse) but I don’t want my “home time” spending another half hour to forty minutes feeding a horse…. euthanizing a horse 100% guarantees no chance of later abuse and starvation. With numbers and impossible mountain…. I have become a large advocate for…. if in doubt euthanize the horse. In doubt is 90% of the time when the horse leaves your property. Anything not trained to death performing a legitimate job (and sadly many of those) are running a major risk once they leave a good owners home. It’s the harder part of owning horses, but a fair consideration for any horse anyone intends to sell.

    1. Why is it that people always turn to killing as a alternative ? When a person takes that horse in they took on the responsibility for that horses life. Say it like it really is .You are not euthanizing the horse you are killing it. Did you ever look up the meaning of euthanasia? Doing right does not mean it is easy! Killing it would be the easy way out. Selfish , self centered person would consider killing. Who made that person God? Killing is never the answer and I hope people would value life more than this.

      1. You speak from an ideal worldview. We do not and never will live in an ideal world. Operating in a manner that is idealistic is one of the most harmful things we’ve witnessed in rescue work. Real world problems. . .rarely find helpful information in idealism. There aren’t safe homes for all horses. There aren’t rescues for all horses. There aren’t painfree lives possible for all horses. Call it playing God, if one would prefer. I call it having the power to have mercy.

      2. Clearly you’ve never looked up the meaning of the word euthanasia. It comes from Greek roots meaning a good or easy death.

  3. I LOVED “Your horse is not dreaming of a personal relationship with you!” Wonderfully written appeal to the “I lost interest” crowd. The country’s in horse-crisis; the last thing we need is perfectly good horses up for sale, when just getting kill-pen horses bailed out is difficult.

  4. This is so true! Breaks my heart to see so many free horses on craigs ist–don’ they know or care what may happen. Great post.

  5. This is SO well said. I am tired of seeing ads like this. Other verbiage I hate is when someone says they are “getting rid” of their horse or pet. We get rid of old furniture and junk cars not living, breathing souls. And pets of any type, especially horses, are not something you lightly enter into. I cringe when I see people giving horses, dogs, bunnies, etc., as “gifts.” These “gifts” often end up in horrible places. I have written to Craigs List more than once, to beg them to stop running ads for free animals.

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