After 2 1/2 years, Ellie Deserves a Home!

Ellie is a big, lovely and young Saddlebred mare.

Except she doesn’t want to do Saddleseat.

I don’t know, perhaps she thinks it is silly or wants to see more trees, rocks and creeks than that life would give her, but she is seeking a trail blazer for her person.

Folks have tried to make her into a show horse, and she is sure she wants to blaze trails. The end.

She is an “amazing horse,” as her foster, Liane, can attest.

She is just waiting for someone to not hold her breed against her and decide she is their next trail partner!

She isn’t saying she can’t be your next Hunter prospect or do some fun shows, she is just saying she isn’t going to be a Saddleseat champ, and she is asking you take her out on trails now and again and to be her “PERSON!”

Ellie is about 15.3hh, 11 years old and sound as can be. She requires front shoes on rough footing, and she is UTD on everything.

She needs a basic intermediate rider, and she is dominant in most field situations with other horses.

Her fee is $500

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12 thoughts on “After 2 1/2 years, Ellie Deserves a Home!

  1. I was the first person to adopt Ellie and she was an excellent trail horse! Due to personal reasons I had to give her back and I miss her everyday. I beg of someone to give Ellie a trail riding home. She doesn’t spook and rides great!

  2. Is she still available? I have a Saddlebred Mare I have trail ride for years. She is retired now and is a pasture horse now. I would like another SB as they make great trail horses.

  3. Very interested in her . My daughter is 10yrs old and has been riding for the past 3yrs and we’ve been thinking about getting her a horse of her own. Maybe this could be a wonderful thing for both of them. Could you please email me so we can communicate further. Thank you so very much.

    1. Awesome! I was checking my bank account to see if I could adopt her. I have been looking for a trail horse for awhile. Beautify horse. ๐Ÿ™‚ Makes me happy she was adopted.

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