Save a Horse for Less than a Latte!


Right now, if you’re a follower of the work of Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, then you care a great deal about the horses that come through. I bet you know that we see some of the worst cases in the United States and you know that the need is great.

We want you to know that the amazing work of Heart of Phoenix is able to continue because everyday people with normal budgets decide to give what they can to the life saving cause they watch unfold daily on our page.

We save lives, we repair them and we give them a purpose because regular folks give what they can afford, some even giving up amenities they enjoy because it allows them to be monthly sponsors to the rescue of horses in need.

I am personally, as the founder of Heart of Phoenix, asking you today to consider if there is a way you can become a partner with us monthly either via paypal re-occuring sponsorship or via mail.

Our continual monthly partners are an amazing group, and whether they give $5, $25, $150 or $500 a month, they help make RESCUE possible.

Join us today if you see this post and think, like so many have told us before, “Hey, I can forgo a few cups of coffees to help HOP.

#lessthanalatte #saveahorse

Sign up to become a monthly sponsor at:

You can also find our mailing address at the above link.

If partnering monthly isn’t possible, we understand. If you can make a one time gift, please consider a donation in ANY amount at

All 50+ plus lives depending on us THANK YOU!

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