Defund Horse Slaughter in America: West Virginia, Act Now

We need Horsemen and Horsewomen to express their firm support for The Farr-Dent (Defund) Amendment currently being considered at the Federal level – This language is needed to keep slaughter horses from receiving inspection funding and re-opening

Please contact Rep. Evan Jenkins as soon as possible.

His vote is the make or break vote for the Horse Slaughter Defunding of inspections in America.

He is the only verified “No” vote from last year who has indicated an openness to vote “Yes” if he hears from enough of his voters.

We HAVE to have his vote.

Call (202) 225-3452
and Email, as well:

Sample call and email text could be:

“Congressmen Jenkins,

Please vote “YES” on the Farr-Dent Amendment to defund horse slaughter inspections.

While I oppose American horse slaughter on an ethical basis when horses are companions and partners in our county, we need to remember that horses are given many medications through their lives which are toxic and illegal in food production animals. Allowing slaughter in America means we are knowingly exporting harmful meat to other countries to be sold for human consumption. So please vote “Yes” on this amendment, as a “No” vote poses a serious threat to public health and put the reputation of the U.S. agricultural industry at risk.

Thank you.

(Name, State, County)”

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