Excellent transporter list from New Vocations at: http://www.newvocations.org/transportation/

Lake Horse Transportation (New Vocations Recommends)

Out of Lexington, KY. Run East, South and Northeast.

Tag teams with C & W to move horses to and from New Vocations.

Contact Person: Mike Lake

PH: (800) 998-7583

RR Horse Transportation

Out of Shelbyville, KY. Run East, Midwest and South.

Contact Person: Beth Jenkins

PH: (859) 265-6136

JC Equine Hauling

Out of Columbus, OH.

Contact Person: Josh Czapiewski

PH: (248) 880-2914

Email: czapiewskij@gmail.com

Website: www.jcequinehauling.com

Wright Run Farms

Out of Wayzata, Minnesota. Run nationwide.

Contact Person: Carrie Fleishacker

PH: (909) 553-6321

Email: wrightrunfarms@gmail.com

Musarro Transport

Out of Cleveland. Run throughout Ohio and Kentucky

Tag teams with C & W to move horses to and from New Vocations.

Contact Person(s): Jamie’s cell: (330) 351-2196  or Mike’s cell: (330) 351-2202

Trails End Equine Transport

Out of Georgia. Run throughout eastern half of the U.S.

PH: (229) 336-2941

J. R. Hudson Horse Transportation

Out of Massachusetts. Services the lower 48 states and Canada.

PH: (508) 427-9333

Email: Hudsonhorsetrans@gmail.com

Website: www.jrhudsonhorsetrans.com

Cobblestone Horse Transport

Out of Clifton Springs, NY. Services most of the east coast and Kentucky.

PH: (800) 721-7806

Z. A. Keith Horse Transport

Out of Pennsylvania. Run throughout eastern half of the U.S.

Contact Person: Zachary Keith     PH: (412) 287-7042

Email: horsetransportation@rocketmail.com

Website: www.zakeithhorsetransport.com

Giddy Up, Go LLC

Out of Pennsylvania. Run nationwide.

Contact Person: Cindy Dawson    PH: (484) 678-3785

Email: cindy97@msn.com

Jeff Engler

Out of Cincinnati and travels throughout Ohio and bordering states.

PH: (513) 382-8593

Goth Equestrian

Out of Ocala, Florida. Ships from Kentucky through the southern states to Florida.

Contact Person: Tedd Goth

PH: (727) 277-4410

Website: www.gothequestrian.com

Ranch Hand Horse Transport

Out of Ohio but they travel to Texas and Florida several times a month.

Contact Person: William Cindle

PH: (419) 553-4794

Cell: (419) 485-4794

Cowboy Express Horse Transport

Out of Westerville, Ohio

PH: (614) 397-7558

Email: CowboyExpress@live.com

Website: CowboyExpress.org

Gary Wright

Out of Michigan. Travels throughout Michigan and surrounding states

Contact Person: Gary

PH: (989) 673-3767

Custom Equine Transport

Out of Chicago. Travels to Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky

Contact Person: Tony Davis

PH: (317) 250-7270

Equine Express 

Out of Texas

PH: (800) 545-9098

All State Horse Transport

Out of Colorado.

PH: (800) 451-7696

Website: www.allstatehorseexpress.com

CMP Equine Transport

Out of Ohio. Shipping throughout East coast and Midwest.

Contact Person: Chris Pompos

PH: (330) 350-6752

Website: www.cmpequine.com

Kathy Lawless

Shipping throughout Michigan, Northern Indiana, Northern Ohio, and to Illinois & Wisconsin. Box stalls available.

PH: (517) 202-9688

Email: equineshuttleservice@hotmail.com

Expensive Hobby Ranch

Out of Illinois and ships locally and coast to coast.

Contact Person: Rick or Debi Ratcliff

PH: (618) 284-3500

Cell: (618) 317-2600

Fontaine Horse Transport

Out of Ocala but they travel to Texas and Florida and out West several times a month.

Contact Person: Jeff Fontaine

PH: (353) 438-4832

Cell: (352) 861-2043

Jackie Markins

Out of Michigan.

PH: (734) 368-0191

Trinity Farm Hauling

Out of Memphis, TN

Contact: Jason Boyle

PH: (901) 483-2705

Website: www.trinityfarmtn.com