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One of the puppies that we posted on this page hit the lottery in her new home!

Doesn’t she look miserable? Lol

Heart of Phoenix Supports the PAST ACT to prevent all Soring for Tennesee Walking, Racking or Spotted Saddle Horses in the United States

Note, Soring has been illegal through a 70’s act that has proven very ineffective. The PAST Act would fill in the loop holes that archaic law has. 

We want to implore the Horse Lovers of West Virginia to take a moment to Email our Legislative members to request their support of the PAST Act. This is vital, as they have not currently had much meaningful support for this vital equine welfare bill from our citizens.

1. West Virginian Horses are Sored, as well as shown sored in and out of our state.

2. Public opinion is overwhelmingly against this Abuse both in and outside of West Virginia

(If you have photos or video of sored horses in West Virginia, please email them to

Senator Shelley Moore Capito:

Senator Joe Manchin III:

Representative David B. McKinley:

Representative Alex Mooney:

Representative Evan H. Jenkins:

Your emails are vital. These representatives have reported they have received no word of support from WV Horsemen and women! Your emails will change their position.

If you aren’t able to support the bill, as it is written, perhaps email and explain you support very strict measures, at some rate, to END Soring, regardless.

Thank you for your continued support!