What does Equine Adoption mean Here at Heart of Phoenix?

What does Equine Adoption mean Here at Heart of Phoenix?

We cater to an adopter base that wants to be part of a solution to the neglect horses are experiencing here. Our adopters are not JUST People looking to “get a horse,” but they are people who are looking to something higher, something more. . .and for those people willing to go a little further, work a little harder. . .
We try to make the process worth your while with horses that arrive UTD on all vetting, rehabbed, with honest assessments, with 24/7/365 support for the life of that adoption and give those adopters the assurance that if they cannot ever care for that horse, they have a heck of a nice organization there to step in and make sure everything is okay for that horse.

Across the USA, there are many rescues that use many different processed when they adopt out rescued horses.
No single process works for every group, and that is so important to note.
When you adopt from Heart of Phoenix, you fill out a detailed application before a visit. You are not obligated to adopt, but you must have pre-approval before a visit. This application includes a waiver of liability, as well.
The application will be processed, you will be interviewed (assuming your references all cooperate), and if approved by the board of directors, an appointment will be made to meet the horse(s) you are interested in.
Our application has been changed over the years at each point we saw a weakness until we feel it is almost as good as we can ask for at this time, though to be honest, still it has failed us a handful of times.
If the match seems a good one after a meeting in person, then an adoption is approved by the board to take place. A contract is signed, a small fee paid for the adoption.
At HOP, adoption means a lifetime lease that the adopter may end at any time by returning the horse to Heart of Phoenix.
The adopter does not own the horse or ever receive rights to sell, give away or auction the equine at any point in the future. If the horse is returned in good health to any of the HOP foster locations, the adopter receives a 75% refund of the adoption fee. If the horse ends up unable to match up well with the adopter sooner or later and comes back in lovely shape and well loved, the person is welcome to try again with a better match, receiving full credit of the previously paid fee toward another adoptable horse now or in the future (though this rarely happens). This is particularly helpful to beginners, those adopting for growing children or those unsure of what discipline they may venture into. While forever adoptions are ideal, and most of ours are taken on as such, reality means sometimes forever isn’t possible.
We want SAFE most of all.
Our contract protects the horses from maltreatment, sale or from exchanging hands. The horses from the end of 2014 and on typically carry a HOP freeze brand that is registered to the state of Kentucky which shows HOP is the owner of record.

Without retained ownership, enforcement of no-sell / no give away contractual agreement in court is impossible, so this is why a contract lease is the best option for the rescue horse. It is vital is the organization KNOWS what works for the overall safety for their rescue in their area.

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