A Donkicorn, a Hybird of a Unicorn and a Donkey could possibly be yours today!

A Donkicorn, a Hybird of a Unicorn and a Donkey, they are both disgracefully stubborn and exceptionally Legen. . . wait for it. . .Dary!



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They are cantankerous and not nearly as ornamental, I’ll admit, as their relative, the basic white Unicorn, but they are scarcer and more intelligent, as a rule. Yes, they are smaller and a bit shaggy, but their horns are just as swift as the normal Unicorn carries about his head.

We find they tend to be impossible to fence in or stall, so having a lot of secluded, free range type pasture with woods scattered throughout is best for keeping Hansel.

Frankly, ours may be the ONLY one still in existence today, so you can understand the high asking price, which is quite firm.

We would describe Hansel as typically playful and only occasionally destructive. He is generally willing to cooperate if asked nicely, and as unicorns and their hybrids are apt to do, he spreads both rainbows and glitter generously wherever he goes. He also grants the occasional wish (that part is really one of the best features) if he is feeling amiable.

Because Hansel, the Donkicorn, is a rescue, a breeding home isn’t possible, which I am sure you can understand.

Last, but never least, he can only go to a home where a fairy princess, like the type he is used to keeping company with, lives, as well.

If the asking price of one million dollars is more than you would like to invest . . .we understand, and honestly, we are attached to him.

He keeps the rescue horses of Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue Company, lifts their spirits when they are recovering and teaches them all types of life lessons, so instead of actually offering you this fabulous mythical beast…

We would like to offer you a chance to support the Good work Of Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue (a 501©3 Tax Deductible Charity) based in West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky by purchasing a 2016 Calendar featuring thoughtful, beautiful images of horses saved from horrific neglect and abuse in the Tri-state Area.

Never fear because an image or two of the magnificent “Jack” of All trades, Hansel, will be included!


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