Why $10 a month is a Donation YOU Should be Proud to Give

Why $10 a month is a Donation YOU Should be Proud to Give

Now and again, I notice someone cancel their automatic paypal monthly donation or I notice their monthly check doesn’t come in the mail, anymore. These are usually amounts between $5 to $25.

I notice when they stop. I wonder. . .did they begin to feel their donation was not important.

The donor apology is something I will never become used to hearing. Yet I hear it all of the time. It puts me in an awkward spot of arguing with a donor. Why?

Because all donations are vital. Period. End of Story.

It is a very sad thing for us in rescue. . .to hear those who are going the extra mile and giving what they can are not confident their gift to us is important because it is “small.”

Yet We are thankful for every person who gives. Every single time, Regardless of the amount. We know incomes vary, we know times are very hard for many Americans that watch Horse Rescue unfold on social media and want to help aid these animals and our work a great deal.

This is why when someone gives and add, “I know it isn’t much” or “I am sorry it isn’t more,” I always feel very compelled to explain that your $5, $10 or $25 monthly gift is everything. It is part of the circle that makes animal rescue efforts (Indeed all Charitable efforts) work across the World.

When you question whether your gift is enough, whether it is worth giving or has meaning, you echo the thoughts of others giving that same amount, unfortunately. But pause and think, when the average donation to animal rescue efforts is $10-$25 a month (even to massive organizations like the ASPCA), if the majority of donors have no faith in their gift, it is very concerning to those, like me, on the other side working to make sure an organization runs sounds with a solid financial budget that saves as many horses as possible in sustainable fashion. How can we be sure You know You are important. We need You to have faith in your gift, least you decide it isn’t worth sending.

When confidence over the importance of a donation is shaken, it can be a ripple effect, especially when posted on Social Media. Others read and think, “Well, if their $10 donation is small and unimportant, so is mine. I probably shouldn’t give it. What does it help?”

Trust Me when I tell you. . .It helps. It is a part of everything. Be confident when you give whatever you are able. If you want to be able to give more, trust that you will be able to do so, in time, and give what you can give Now. Sure, we are glad to know that when you hit Power Ball, you will remember us then, too. 😉 Until then. . .we live in the hear and now.

You cannot know how much your monthly gift of any amount matters until you have walked a mile in my shoes. A person thinking of a rescue organization’s efforts so much they sit down to mail that check like clock work every single month for $5 or $10 or $25 dollars is powerful (We have donors who have done this for years for Heart of Phoenix).

Please Do not forget that.

Remember that you are one of many who care about the lives touched by rescue efforts, and in order for those efforts to continue, you really have to find Faith that your gift is WORTH giving, is Needed and IS Appreciated.

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