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First, we would like to implore you to consider very carefully before deciding to bring a foal into the world. There are many many horses going to slaughter because an owner decided to breed their backyard mare with a nice temperament, or because grandpa decided it would be good for the grandkids to get the “foal experience” or because someone failed to geld a stallion. There are several thousand low grade foals born every year who end up needing rescued or who make the long journey on the horrible trailer to the slaughterhouse. Unless you have something truly excellent, that is registered, conformationally correct, has a marvelous mind, AND you will commit to giving that foal a home for life, please do NOT choose to contribute to the horse crisis. Even a well bred foal has no guarantee against winding up in the same circumstance. We wish that big time horse industry people would scale back on their foal numbers and that breed registries would get together and figure out how to positively effect this situation.

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