March 16, 2015

It’s that time of year again, where the shedding begins and the long evenings with our equine friends makes that horrible wait through winter all worth while.

These past fews weeks have been rough, but we made it through and here we are again.

So let’s look into what we’ve been up to since last we updated.

Febraury 11, 2015

This cute little fella sure would like to find his forever home!

Tater Tot is a 6 year old Morgan-Hackney Cross gelding. He stands 12.2 HH and has adorable knee action at the trot! He is green broke and has the Morgan mind. Tater Tot is sturdy enough for a smaller adult to be able to work with. His adoption fee will be $250.00.


February 12, 2015

A rescue barn is not a home; it is merely a holding place to wait for a forever home. These 7 animals are adoptable, and while they wait for their forever homes, the spots are full that could hold a horse in DESPERATE NEED. Though they are well loved and well cared for where they are, to TRULY finish their rehab, they need to bond with their forever person. PLEASE share this album far and wide and hopefully their special someone will see them and fall in love in February!

Descriptions and fees are in the links posted below each horse. Only Schmidtty and Milo are gaited.

Located in the TRI-STATE area of WV, Ohio and Ky
Other adoptable horses are listed at

1483325_918415214856441_9212877277127316087_n 10959641_918415584856404_1580724493567939353_n 10996176_918415911523038_3183488188251395307_n

Jake says,” Vote FOR ME!”

We’ve entered Jake into the

MY Horse, My Life Nutrena $10,000 CONTEST

This photo of him is beyond perfect, especially knowing his backstory.

Jake Fiddy. . . A Funny, Kind Guy. . .Full of Hope.
His photos translate so well the happy boy he is TODAY!

HIS LINK IS working now!

Febraury 24, 2015

Busy rescue day. This is a feed pick up for one location. Lots of alfalfa needed for Macey. The vet said her mouth has a lot of teeth that need removed, and she likely has cushings, so it will have to be alfalfa pellets until the teeth are out to allow her to get some forage in. The rest is for the other rescues at our VP ‘s location.

Made it out to ride Callie and Zaam in another foster location, so look for videos soon!


While is NOT a good photo of Gemma, as it was dark by the time we made it to deliver feed to the VP’s barn and the camera flash has a way of making for so-so photos, you can see, she is doing well!

Hope to have a video of her undersaddle within the week.

(Before someone explains her halter is fitted improperly. She was just in for evening feeding and headed back out after the evening meal, sans halter smile emoticon )


Grace . . .

Could a mare have a more lovely face or rich color?

She is ready for her new home! She is really a treasure!

1932659_924713414226621_4311664368618638823_o 10997728_924713417559954_2476531097355646388_n

February 25, 2015

HOP is looking for third trainer to start a few HOP horses smile emoticon

Our most pressing need is one who can start a couple of small, blank slates.

We hope to find someone able to work with the rescue
budget, but we aren’t looking for free training – we would like
some consideration, however, as a non-profit.

Ideally, a smaller person, as some of the horses we need started or additional training are quite small, like Claire.

February 26, 2015

Rudy is still looking for his forever partner. He is a super quiet, QH cross gelding. He picks up new things very easily and is quite charming. He gets along well with other horses.

He is our little mine horse who we really want to see live with his family and get showered with attention before being ready to saddle train. Rudy comes with the offer of 30 days training when he is ready.

Rudy is about 2.5 years old and around 14HH. We expect him to grow taller over the next year. He is the most lovely deep bay color.

His fee is $175 to an approved adopter.

10256158_925411900823439_8551886788832744658_n 11022565_925411937490102_3863449632100718808_n

March 5, 2015

Almost to our contact in Ohio – thank you Christina for offering them a spot to land and get warm tonight!!

10169227_928927683805194_8146469802191402180_n 10253857_928927673805195_268622169942578178_n 11042946_928927703805192_1345211339504959096_n 11046867_928927657138530_1356461981266431540_n

March 6, 2015

Vet headed to see the two new horses in Ohio right now.

Thankfully, upon further checking, the gelding is a gelding. . . Not a stallion. It appears he was likely gelded by banding (not through a vet) and there is a lot of extra skin, so Christina couldn’t tell until today.

10953200_929364087094887_2300632737170279711_n 11017165_929364117094884_1017874170306824521_n

This fellow has been working on this for 5 months, and truly, he still has quite a journey ahead to gain a bit more fat and a LOT more muscle, but wow. . .what a change from the vacant skeleton who can to us!



March 9, 2015

HOP had a $780 hay bill to pay yesterday and has another for the same amount coming this week.
If you would like to donate today these hay costs:
1. Mail a Donation Check to:
Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC
PO box 81 Shoals, WV 25562
2. Donate Via Paypal:

(Photo is of my son feeding hay from last year)


Sienna is looking for a SPONSOR!

We have an opportunity to start a foster spot at a lovely facility near Cross Lanes, WV where Memphis is boarded!

A long time Volunteer will be able to work with the horse we keep in this spot, and we have a sponsor for much part of this board.

We need another $100 sponsor for this spot to be covered!

Who wants to commit to $100 a month to help HOP open another continual foster spot at Soggy Bottom Farm, starting with Sienna in the middle of March?


Sadly, we received word yesterday from the lady holding this little gelding until he could be safely transported to HOP (along with the Gray mare, who was in slightly better shape and is still doing well and will come to HOP this week) that he has passed away.

While HOP paid to purchase this pair and had them vetted on 3/6/15, serious weather conditions and the need to move a few current horses into new foster locations locally made it impossible to bring these two directly into HOP. 

He was reported as stable to us according to the vet that examined him and the mare in that area, but it is impossible for us to know exactly what caused him to give up.

We can at least say he passed with a warm blanket, a cozy stall and having known people were making an effort to save him.

He arrived at the Ohio farm with the Gray mare during the snow storm the entire area experienced last week where we had a foot or more of snow and horrible flooding (3/5/15). There was no possible way for us to transport him several more hours in the dangerous weather conditions there and here, but we had planned to bring the pair into HOP within the next week or so once weather and flooding improved and their coggins had come back.

We appreciate the efforts of Christina in Ohio to help these two until we could move them, and we greatly appreciate her giving this guy a final resting place today.

We will update on the grey mare, who was in much more stable condition, asap.

They had dubbed him Chili at the barn holding him.

Rest in Peace little fellow.


PLEASE local horse folk, take a moment to print this out and post them in local horse friendly spots!

Schmidtty says Hello from his new pad today!

WV has been declared a State of Emergency situation with the horrific flooding, mud slides and snow in the past few weeks.

As a result, a family has experienced such damage to their property, they must place their senior geldings. Yes…..they are in their early 20’s, are very gentle and kind with children. They have always been together and need placed together. They hope to find a somewhat local home.

Pocahontas county, WV

One is a Quarter horse and the other is Saddlebred and Tennessee walker mix.

If interested, please send vet and farrier references and facility photos to


Pecos with his girl (rocking the newest HOP shirt!)


Happy 1 Anniversary of your Adoption, Miss Em!!

Thank you to Bobbie and Judd Cottrell for giving her a great home!


Just Who DO you Call when you see a case of suspected animal neglect or cruelty?

Let me tell you, it is NOTHING Like Animal Planet’s Animal Cop show.

This is likely the second most frequently asked question we get after how to re-feed the starved horse.

1. Reasonable, calm Calls to your Local Sheriff or Animal Control Office through the county where the suspected neglect is taking place is the first line of action.

2. Encourage others who witness the situation to call the Sheriff or Animal Control as there is power in numbers and ask they do so in a rational manner.

3. While it varies state to state, I do not know a single state where the county animal control agency is not the link to action through the legal system (Animal control is frequently considered the local “Pound.”) Animal abuse and neglect is a crime.

4. NO private or non-profit rescue or national advocacy group has ANY legal authority to do ANYTHING to seize animals from private parties. The HSUS, the ASPCA, The Humane Society (which is just a random title of no particular group throw around a lot from the well intended) and local rescues CANNOT remove or investigate. We can assist when law enforcement reaches out to us.

5. If going to the proper legal authorities with a call or in person yields nothing, reaching out to the state HSUS director, Animal advocacy groups and rescues with documentation of the case, photos and all information can help. They can also call, offer assistance to law enforcement and animal control if a seizure is made, try to bring attention to a case if it is truly urgent and being ignored.

6. If all else fails, intelligent statements and well documented information sent to the local media can be helpful after you have exhausted other avenues.

7. Calls to your local state officials requesting pressure on law enforcement or animal control is another option after other options have been exhausted. This can include the County Commission and your State elected officials.

Anger and Hysteria does not help a situation. Requesting help from the wrong organizations wastes time.

Neo, was a registered, Saddlebred gelding whom we pulled from auction at the same time as Jake Fiddy. We recognized him; having seen him in the Winfield show arena a couple of times.

It is said he had bucking issues, and so off to auction he went.
We have published an article before, strongly encouraging owners to investigate whether or not their horse is in pain before deciding that it is a rogue horse.

Here is Neo being ridden by a teen, after 3 sessions with a chiropractor. This professional said there were issues with Neo, basically from head to tail. Isn’t it interesting how nicely he is behaving in just a full cheek snaffle bit?…

It looks like permission is going to be granted for us to help round these horses up and place them. If you have stated that you will take one in, we need you to send in your references, pictures and a firm commitment ASAP!
You will need to be able to come and pick them up the same day or have them brought to you.
Please send vet and farrier references, facility and horse photos and an overview of your horse skills to Remember that these horses are not even halter broke.

We have information that the mules were raised by an individual and had been pretty tame once upon a time.


Note: This is not the first time we’ve posted about this herd.
We went out with the WV Dept of AG investigator today to meet law enforcement in this location to consider what can be done for this herd, whether they will seize, etc.
This herd has been running on the local strip mine the locals we spoke to confirmed for at least 6 years.
The man who claimed them but let them run on the strip mine for all that time died recently. Locals started feeding them, we are told, when they came off the mines to get food this winter. They get in the road (we saw manure for several miles all on the road) and are a very short distance from a main road, not just a little back road. They go from yard to yard and have wrecked the yards of numerous people for a months now, we were told by those living there where we took the photos.
The people are desperate to have the horses moved.
The horses are not able to be haltered, but they will sniff your hand, and come to you expecting food because the locals feed them. They look in much better condition now than the photos from a few months back, but I have been getting photos on this herd for over a year.
This is the herd Rudy can from last year, but we were only asked by the Sheriff to remove him at that time as he was in the main roadway.
There are 6 horses. I am putting feelers out should the Dept of Ag and Sheriff seize them as they are abandoned. Though a daughter of the deceased owner still claims them, locals confirm the person has never cared for the horses or kept them in a fence or on property they own.
There is a younger stallion, an older Bay mare, a Dun yearling filly, a Red Dun heavily bred mare and 2 mules, one being older and one about 4. The older mule would not let us very near him, neither would the yearling, but the others would allow us to get close and pet them. They would not let us halter them.
SHOULD the WV Dept of AG and Sheriff allow the horses to be moved, which is the Dept of Ag’s preference, we MUST find rescues or qualified horse people to step in and adopt.
The Dept of Ag will bring out panels, and HOP will assist. The horses wouldn’t be too difficult to get haltered in a round pen, but they will need halter broke and worked from the ground up.
Please share near and far so that we may prepare a list of interested parties should the agency contact us back to act quickly.
We already know some locals in this area want the horses to be left running at large, so expect those people to chime in on this post, but it is neither here nor there. These horses need real homes and training. The bred mare needs care! Horses cannot be allowed to run at large on small or major roadways, onto private property, especially intact males (Stallions).

Interested? Email
Send experience, whether you can trailer, vet and farrier information.
Again, this will only apply IF the Dept of AG and Sheriff seize.

In the past in herds like this, for instance in Wayne County, when homes were NOT found, the county rounded them up and hauled them to Sugar Creek auction.

18294_931629116868384_8317171657771682481_n 10422537_931629113535051_6720001193550629148_n 10986881_931629110201718_3251923796249545801_n

March 11, 2015

Saved from Auction,
Jake Fiddy has an amazing story and has cheated a sad end many times, but because HOP was there, he is happy and well today!
“Please Vote FOR ME!” Jake asks!! I’m in the top 5
Jake is entered into the MY Horse, My Life Nutrena $10,000 CONTEST.
This photo of him is beyond perfect, especially knowing his backstory. Jake Fiddy. . . A Funny, Kind Guy. . .Full of Hope. His photos translate so well the happy boy he is TODAY.
You can vote once daily at this link through March:



Surely someone has some unused stuff lying around!

We are currently collecting items to be put in our USED TACK AUCTION that will occur after the fundraiser trail ride.

If you are able to find anything extra or un-needed in your barn, we will be happy to meet you locally!

Facebook filters these types of requests, so if everyone could share this like crazy please, it will show up in the news feed better.

Also, tack donations can be mailed to us at
PO Box 81 Shoals, WV 25562

Donations do not necessarily have to be limited to tack. Horse supplies, riding breeches or boots in good shape, children’s horse books, gift cards to TSC , etc will all be great for our auction!

If you think of something else not listed you might like to donate, please feel free to pm the page!

We would like to have everything in by April the 10th if possible!


Marty in his adoptive home several years now smile emoticon

Saying hi to his adopter’s daughter.

He is a senior SB Gelding



11009120_931956436835652_747122880316210468_n 11037310_931956413502321_1411050589127773594_n

How about being blown away for the evening. . .

Schmidtty tonight at sunset at his new abode (Center shot is Schmidt and his new companion, Sapphire). The LAST shot is the day he came to rescue, and while he is still recovering, he has COME SO FAR!

Love these? Share them far and wide.

Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC


Taking a Moment to Say Thank you to our dedicated Monthly donors!

Whether you send $5, $10, $20, $50, $150 or $500 a month,

YOU MEAN The world to the horses in Heart of Phoenix.

You keep 25 horses a month cared for, you keep this rescue so active and effectual day after day.

You help us reach out to owners in need to help them give care when they experience short term hardship, you help us provide education a public in great need in our area.

You save Lives. Your Monthly gift Is Vital.

It allows us to KNOW JUST what we can do, how far we can extend our efforts because we KNOW we can count on YOU!

If you haven’t decided to become a monthly partner with HOP in saving horses, consider it now. Please do not talk yourself out of giving because you may be able to give a small gift. Those small gifts ARE a HUGE part of what makes this rescue work.

From All of Us, thank you!

To become a HOP Monthly Partner:

1. Mail a Donation Check to:
Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, INC
PO box 81 Shoals, WV 25562

2. Donate Via Paypal:

If you cannot donate monthly right now, Any gift is ALWAYS appreciated and needed!

March 12, 2015

Hershey says. . .I need a home, folks!

5 year old Halter broke chocolate pony with a flaxen mane and tail.

Adoptable now!


Lincoln county, Kentucky – an Hour South of Lexington, Ky

Sidley/Sid (formerly Mr. Ecstasy & Kid) is a Standard Bred Gelding foaled in 2002 (@ 14 yrs). He has previous papers/registered/freeze branded with US Trotting Association. Previous Amish Buggy Horse.

Cheyenne is a Saddle Bred Mare (@8 yrs) no papers. Previously Amish owned, she has not been worked with/trained very much to our knowledge (buggy/riding etc).

Crowning is a Standard Bred Gelding foaled in 1992 (@22 yrs). He has previous papers/registered/tattooed with US Trotting Association. Previous Amish Buggy Horse.

These horses are well cared for, but the owners are unable to keep them much longer and want to find safe, screened homes for each of them.

No fees, but you must submit an overview of your experience, plans for the horse, farrier and vet references and facility photos. These will be emailed to the owner of the horses by HOP.

No contact will be given without all of the above information.

Email to


We forgot to share these awesome photos of Ellie in her adoptive home in TN from a few weeks back!

20524_932105170154112_5209278300863248448_n 11046663_932105163487446_5276901881729723255_n

Greenville, WV.

Monroe county.
TWO TWH Mares, Halter Broke and in good health, younger mares.

Need homes asap!

Interested? Send farrier and vet references and facility photos to for approval
No fee to safe trainers, ethical homes or rescues

1558554_932467750117854_7823677403541054051_n 1907590_932467746784521_7054685782122419155_n

March 13, 2015

Zaam is available for adoption to an intermediate rider. He is a lovely mover who has a lot of zest (his bounce would be intimidating to a beginner we think) and is an awfully good boy. Zaam is 14.2HH and 19 years old. His fee is $400 upon approved application.

Zaam has no soundness issues.…

(also, if anyone has a soft spot for Arabians and would like to half sponsor Zaam’s board, that would be awesome!)


The mare we assume is Rudy’s dam needs a rescue commitment.

These horses must find homes. They are feral and in Boone county, WV.

If an ethical trainer would wish to take any of this herd into a training program for later placement through their facility, this is acceptable if you meet the requirements (safe facility, solid vet and farrier references)



This is a rather sad ad.

March 14, 2015

Sorting years of adoption contracts info a filing system last night

10599301_933446610019968_6986353637394057935_n 11048268_933446536686642_9024305448684981980_n

Ok, please watch this in Snarky good humor. . .

We went to see 3 Belgian horses in need of a home today; however, you will note on the trip video here, I’m having a bit of fun with the term “Belgium” because, all too often, on craiglist ads, when a Belgian Draft is posted, people erroneously call them “Belgium” horses (a country, not a horse)…

The Journey of Rescue leads us to people in need as often as it does to horses in need.

The owner of these Belgian Draft Horses emailed us for help.

His wife just died after a horrible fight with cancer. She couldn’t bear to let the horses go when her health slipped away.
She died Monday. This veteran is on a cane, and cannot physically care for these 3 horses horses anymore. He cannot clean stalls, and while he asked his wife during her illness, she had said that was the one source of happiness she had, and she couldn’t let them go. She owned them for a decade.

This case really broke my heart today in so many ways. For the man who lost his wife and tried to hold onto them while she was living through breast and brain cancer until the end. For the horses who need more care than they have been able to receive. All around.

I’m thankful that there is a LIGHT is at the end of the tunnel for them both the owner and the horses now.

The oldest mare is about 14. She came from an Amish farm originally. She is horribly foundered. The younger mare is 8 and the daughter of the pictured stallion and foundered mare. The stallion is 11.

He reached out to us. We are talking with the absolute best possible rescue for these three, and we believe they will be able to meet us to travel out to see them very soon and take them into rescue!

10347241_933583073339655_5902494070408269526_n 10354887_933583453339617_2048612228447980677_n 10471238_933583180006311_3837174902630420750_n 11009995_933583020006327_5493940730767520642_n 11014268_933583023339660_4028204315493664545_n 11045420_933583446672951_3461366050148776602_n

March 15, 2015

Pretty, sweet Tara in her adoptive VA home today!


Little Dexter cake. . .in his home several years now and so well loved!

The second photo is when he came to us in 2012.

10408560_933679286663367_3608047234842662829_n 10460479_933679069996722_7535040451329552096_n

The Belgian case we are working on now. Hoping to network this beautiful trio this coming week –
Franklin Delano, Elinore, and Francine, we hope to have you in a new place soon!

Our Horses:
Still waiting for their forever

Please Share

Luke worked with Tater Tot today since the weather finally got nicer! This little fella has apparently had some rough handling in the past. He is super smart and a nice guy and should be lovely after he gets some more love!…

It is in saving those unable to rescue themselves that many of us find the strength we need to hang on. . .keep on. . .just long enough.

Grace today with a dear Volunteer. . .
the 3rd photo is about a week AFTER her rescue in the summer of 2014.

Grace’s kind and lively spirit was not able to be broken or even fractured. . .

It is intact, and it waits for a soulmate now, a FOREVER

10635909_934200459944583_1027561895677374225_n 10929063_934200336611262_51518053462676993_n 10997489_934200356611260_6969349639312902905_o

Holly and Knox today!!!

I know everyone has been waiting to see updates on these two grand, senior horses rescued in December.

Both are 25 years old and Draft crosses.

While I wish cleaned up photos were possible, this state has had so much rain, so much flooding, so many mudslides that we are literally in a state of Emergency (

Messy or not, though, they are bright, happy and gaining weight very nicely.

They were seized in WV and came into HOP at body scores of 1 each.

Holly, the paint mare, went through a point in the first 24 hours, I was unsure whether she would even survive. The first two photos show her today (check that rump out getting almost round!) and the 3rd shows her the day after intake. The next two are MUDDY, Messy Knox, but isn’t this boy just a complete knock out? His 3rd photo show him the day after intake, as well. He has gained quicker than Holly, but his condition was slightly better than her’s when they came in. It was said they had lived in the condition they came to us in for as long as a decade.


Blaire, the STB Feedlot rescue from PA

While I wish cleaned up photos were possible, this state has had so much rain, so much flooding, so many mudslides that we are literally in a state of Emergency (

While a bit of a muddy messy, she is doing well overall in terms of picking up the bit of weight she needed and unwinding from the mistreatment she endured at the hands of the Amish in PA.

Unfortunately, she will need to head to Rood and Riddle soon, as she is lame on the back right. We aren’t surprised, considering her past.

She is learning people are good for things other than working horses to death, though!


Zaam is REALLY ready for a home.

This 19 years YOUNG Arabian gelding is a FUN, energetic gelding. He is about 14.2hh. Solid in build and a lovely mover.…


Sophia had a pretty awesome day!

She headed off after we all played with her, on an adoption trial with HOP Adopter’s Bobbie and Jude C. They adopted Miss Em over a year ago, and they have given her a lovely home, but finding the right second fit for their farm has been difficult. Thankfully, good adopters always know HOP wants THE right horse in the right home…

We work with adopters to make sure the adoption WORKS, and they have had Willow on a trial adoption over the past few months, but unfortunately, Willow has proven so dominate, Miss Em was unable to get any peace at all day in and out. Some horses simply do not mesh, and Sophia seems more like the right, kind and easy going girl the for this couple who offer such a great home. Sophia will enjoy being an occasional trail partner and is a very companionable mare. 

Willow returns to HOP to find a home where her Royal bossy pants will not be placed with a horse she will refuse to get along with for any reason.…


Sophia had a pretty awesome day yesterday!

She is pictured here with Volunteer, Dorella, after a short ride.

She headed off after on an adoption trial with HOP Adopter’s Bobbie and Jude C. They adopted Miss Em over a year ago, and they have given her a lovely home, but finding the right second fit for their farm has been difficult. Thankfully, good adopters always know HOP wants THE right horse in the right home. We work with adopters to make sure the adoption WORKS, and they have had Willow on a trial adoption over the past few months. Unfortunately, Willow has proven so dominate, Miss Em was unable to get any peace at all day in and out. Some horses simply do not mesh, and Sophia seems more like the right, kind and easy going girl for this couple who offer such a great home. Sophia will enjoy being an occasional trail partner and is a very companionable mare. Willow returns to HOP to find a home. Her Royal bossy pants will not be placed with a horse she will refuse to get along with for any reason.


Kilo is a 6 year old Mini Gelding a board member is helping a friend place. He was rescued by the friend from the same place Misty was rescued by HOP. He was a stallion when she rescued him. He has been gelded, is an in your pocket Mini and needs a home.

Hamlin, WV area


Thank you so much for your continued support!

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