November 1-6, 2014

Today Nov. 1, 2014


Thanks so much to Susan Sunday of Sunday stables and Amanda Morning for their trip with Tara to Rood and Riddle yesterday! They left at 9am and didn’t make it home until almost midnight!!

Thanks to Rood and Riddle for answers and a great discount.

Thanks to Cheryl P for fostering Tara while the source of her lameness heals – a torn suspensory ligament!

Takes so many to make this work.

You are amazing, folks

 — with Amanda Morning and 2 others.


While so many need Thanks for the hard work at the show. . .foremost, Stephanie Davis and Susan Sunday pulled off an amazing event with their organization of the show. Super smooth, on time and a solid fundraiser.

Thank you both!!!

Part of the HOP team today
At the Ky large animal rescue event frozen — with Sonora Winds and 3 othersat Hagyard Equine Medical Institute.
Today some of us got to work with some real dummies so we would know how to help horses who found themselves in precarious situations
Happy adopter! !
Have I told y’all how much I love this girl?! Kate is my adopted HOP rescue mare. She is simply the best! — with Stephanie Pauley.
Another photo of the big dummy we got to work with yesterday. We learned some very interesting techniques at this training class that may be very useful in the future!

It has taken a LONG time since his auction rescue for this boy to look happy. . .

But today, we received a photo of Jake in his foster home at Freedom Farms in Ohio. . .where he looks HAPPY!!

The farm manager (and HOP adopter of Rhett) reports he is the sweetest boy. The farm riding instructor loves him, too! — with Sonora Winds.


Ellie has been adopted 

She is headed to TN

Spicy got to hang out with her adopters today. They will be taking her to Georgia in a couple of weeks

Tara in her new foster home with Cheryl P.

Thanks so much to Cheryl for taking her on as a foster! We know she will get the best care with her! — with Cheryl Haislip Popper.


If you attend only one event this Holiday Season, PLEASE plan to make this event THE ONE.

Tickets are $25 ea.

Attendees must be 18 and up. — with Aubrey Carey and 48 others.


Confirmed Finn is 5 years old and Crypto today.


More pictures from our rescue training class. We hope to get one of those $1500 green sleds you see in the picture sponsored one day. They make transporting a downed horse or putting one in a trailer so much easier! — with Sonora Winds and Raven Johnson.
10355017_862782620419701_3109839945235755847_n 10635759_862782667086363_6513914674222943200_n
Alfie and Calli got some love from volunteer Tami today who went to Sunday Stables to learn about grooming horses
560175_862957307068899_4249851021699484704_n 10653504_862957260402237_7003820544896959733_n
Two happy adopted HOP horses: Skye and Kate
The view from my backyard ♡
New thank you cards!

So much of what we do at Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue depends on our $5, $10 and $20 a monthly donors.

You guys help us change the world for the horses we save.

I know many times when you think, “All I can give is $10 a month, and that isn’t enough. That can’t really help,” that is discourages you from taking the next step and sending in that donation via mail or paypal, but I assure you, donors just like you are helping us DO so much for so many horses in this area!

It all adds up to create quite a force to be reckoned with, standing up for horses in need in the poverty stricken area of West Virginia.

Your reoccurring, dependable donation, no matter the amount, ALLOWS us to know what we can count on coming in for the horses we have. It allows us to KNOW we can accept a horse and cover the horse’s needs.

If you’ve been hoping to help and haven’t felt your gift is enough, please know it is needed and IT WILL help!

Make the commitment today.

Let your gift start helping HOP save horses without any other hope!

 — with Stephanie Pauley and 6 others.

Adoptable horses!
Ellie in her new adoptive home
64387_863489583682338_3174446376006263258_n 10500492_863489603682336_3768820664543570311_n
Arizona got sprayed by a skunk. That makes her a real pleasure to work with. Oh the sacrifices we rescuers make for the sake of the equine! LOL
HOP is happy to have been able to provide a dental float to this senior rescue a person got into a safe spot. He may come to HOP If we get an opening soon, but no matter what, he now can eat with ease!
1489292_863529303678366_4318043560428848676_n 10003442_863529293678367_6941477760481400503_n
Thank you so much for your continued support!

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