October 25, 2014 The 2nd Annual Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue Horse Show

Alfie-the pony who was boarded in his stall and left to die — with Raven Johnson.

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Checkers — with Dawn Songer Webster.


Stitch — with Susan Sunday.


The first group of people who messed up in Simon Says
 — with Raven Johnson and Beckie Croghan.


Beauty — with Amanda Morning.


Atlas — with Donna Wenger Ayash.





With Kim Nuckles.








Beauty-Trail Class — with Amanda Morning.


With Gena T. Nicholas.



Stitch-registered American Saddlebred


Stitch and Ellie-both registered American Saddlebreds


We couldn’t do this without volunteers!


more very important volunteers!


Ellie and Stitch


Ellie-registered American Saddlebred


Turner- who received the surgery he needed to fix his very injured rear foot




Reese-Trail Class


Spicy-Costume Class


one of the many participants who showed up to support rescue efforts


Alfie-the pony who was boarded into his stall and left to die




Ellie — with Raven Johnson.


Turner — with Beckie Croghan.


Turner got to meet some of the people who are excited about his upcoming book!


So many people worked Sooo hard to make the rescue show a Huge success today.

You guys are amazing. Truly. I’ll have an exhaustive list, but until then, Thank you!!!

Passing out now.

Saving horses is amazing. . .but inspiring another generation to do the same. . .Priceless
She was thrilled to meet her local hero Tinia Creamer today… Thank you HOP for all of your hard work and this awesome show.
Saving horses is amazing. . .but inspiring another generation to do the same. . .Priceless – part Deuce
Excuse my weird gestures since I was so nervous I could barely speak or move. But I was finally able to meet the woman I look up to more than anything. Seriously the highlight of my life, and the biggest inspiration. Love this lady! — with Tinia Creamer.
Bettie says Hello from her Ohio adoptive home!
Thank you to Sammi C. with Barnwood Candle Co for setting up a vendor booth at the HOP show today!
All set up! Come buy some stuff!!!
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The Heart of Phoenix Fall Show was a huge success!

We had a larger crowd than I ever imagined just a second year into hosting this event, and the participation and enthusiasm from participators and spectators was just AMAZING!

We are still working on an official THANK YOU post as SO many sponsors, vendors, VOLUNTEERS and attendees made this a success!

Truly, Our team and those who stepped into the volunteer for this event in particular, including the announcer and judge, did the best job!

(Check out Spicy and HOP volunteer and the gal who put Alfie undersaddle and had him carry the flag for our rescue parade, which is a tear jerker in the front here)

 — with Raven Johnson and 3 others.

Alfie was amazing yesterday.

This pony has come so very far! He won a 2nd place in both classes he showed in!

The Johnsons have loved and trained this boy for months now. Raven rode him with the flag at the start of the show, and he was spectacular. VIDEO coming up soon.

This is Raven’s little sister showing him in the morning classes.

Keep in mind, he was a stallion and not halter broke in March when he was seized after being boarded up in a run in stall and left to die.
The building was torn part to get him out.

If anyone caught a picture of him carrying the flag, please share it!

 — with Raven Johnson and Suzanna Johnson.

Two adopted HOP horses in the Ribbon Pairs class.

Checkers and Atlas. . .

There were quite a few in this class, and it seemed to go on forever. haha! They took Second place — with Dawn Songer Webster and Donna Wenger Ayash.

Go Hershey.

This little guy came for visitors to be able to see him in the rescue stalls in the barn, but we took him out to give him some exercise in the Mini Horse trail class. He Had a blast!

One of the show highlights, for me, was seeing Gandalf! I love this pony so!

You may recall he was rescued in 2013. He was in a dog kennel without shelter and belly deep in mud. He has some disabilities, and there was a point where we weren’t sure we could rehab him.

He WAS adopted not too long after his rehab by a great couple who needed a companion for their mare. She was showing, and Gandy was along to keep her company. He is definitely loved 

 — with Kim Zwier.

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And the celebrity himself was at the show. . .

TURNER! His foster mom, Michelle, was able to come see him and his adopters!

He showed and placed SECOND in the mini trail class. ..

A pony that many folks thought could never walk prior to his surgery without pain.

Remember his book with be out soon!

 — with Clark Sheldon and Michelle McMullen Salyers.

Turner at the HOP show.

To remember how this little guy walked BEFORE his corrective surgery: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EA2qhXM-tIE

Diesel (Rebel while at HOP) and his adoptive girl and her grandfather after a class win. His before is show here, as well.

How far he has come!

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Our costume class winner(s) from Taylor Made Farm — with Sierra Comer and Jane Jarvis-Taylor.
Alfie and Raven.

A story. . .

First, we begin here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szXi_Z4jPV4

Then we end after Raven put him undersaddle, following him coming to us in March as a stallion who was not truly even broke to lead. He became trustworthy even with her little sister, Rylee who showed him this weekend.

That, my friends, is little short of a miracle.


This gorgeous boy is adoptable. He has a possible application in.

But How has hasn’t been snatched up before now is beyond me.

Raven and Suzanna’s efforts with him ended this weekend at the show as he returned to WV and HOP’s main center of placement. He is now at Sunday Stables where he will remain until adopted.

Many thanks for all the hard work these volunteers put into him, and I know they cried when they had to leave him beyond.

But that is what rescue requires we do. Thank God they can do it.

 — with Raven Johnson and Suzanna Johnson.

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A LOT of folks worked so very hard on getting this show up and going.

I must be honest and tell you. . .

Almost all I did was walk around, talk, video and take photos.

I imagine the team MAY have wanted to chase me down and hit me with large rocks, but now guys, you know. . .I do not ALWAYS just talk and take photos. . .

Or maybe. . .

 — with Tinia Creamer.

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Thank you so much for coming out and enjoying the day with us! We hope everyone had a good time, and if you weren’t able to make it this year, please join us in 2015!

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